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Open Thread: Chargers at Broncos, First Half

This is an important game. For the Chargers to win the AFC West, they're going to need a winning record against AFC West opponents. So far, they're 1-0. Starting out 2-0 against the division and 4-1 at the bye would be a very good thing.

The Broncos are not as bad as their record may lead you to believe. They can throw the ball a little bit, and their running game is probably somewhere near "average". They have potential in their secondary and their pass-rush. Give them a chance, with turnovers and mistakes, and they'll take an early lead and crush you. Kyle Orton hasn't played well this year, throwing 3 interceptions last week, but he can certainly manage a game if he's handed a lead.

The Chargers are still waiting for their "statement game". A complete game, impressive in all respects, against a team that's at least decent. The game against the Dolphins was a good start and a better game today against the Broncos would be a good next step towards a potential statement game in New Jersey against the Jets after the bye.

Cross your fingers and toes, Charger fans. I'll see you at half-time.