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San Diego Chargers Interviews - Corey Liuget

Chargers first round pick Corey Liuget talked with Josh and Charod from "The Drive" on XTRA Sports 1360 this week. 

(listen/download the interview here)

When you look at your record are you satisfied up to this point of the season?

"No, we are never satisfied over here at the Chargers organization.  We always strive to do better and that's what we are going to do, and just making strides to do better."

During the Miami game you didn't show up in the stat line, how do you feel physically right now?

"I feel pretty good.  I feel like I'm doing my job and my responsibility and that's the most important to do what I have to do to help the team." 

One day on the injury report it said calf and the other day it was ankle, is it both?  Is it one or the other?  What was the injury? 


Did it happen in a game?  Did it happen in practice?  Specifically when did that go down?

"It happened against New England."

From the day you arrived to right now, has the game slowed down a little bit for you?

"It seems like it has, but then again, looking at the film it's like it's speeding up.  Going against pro guys, guys that have been working at this for years and who are professionals and know how to handle themselves and it's not quite college, where you can go out and just pretty much know you're going to beat up (laugh).  This is the NFL and you have to come out ready to play every game."

Corey also talks about:

How the younger players are coming together as a group.

The defensive line as a unit.

What kind of snacks he brings in as rookie hazing on Mondays

How the veterans are mentoring the young guys.

How he evaluates his own game

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