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Flashback: San Diego @ Denver, January 2, 2011

Ok, I'll admit it. I didn't watch this game. Not live, at least. The last game of the 2010 season, unfortunately, mattered only for draft positioning for the San Diego Chargers. On one hand, I wanted a better pick, but on the other my psyche viciously rebelled at the thought of pulling for a Broncos win. I solved the problem by not watching the game live, reading about the result afterward, then catching the game on my DVR.

This game was notable because it was the first time since 2005 that the Chargers were playing out the string. It was also Tim Tebow's first career NFL start. The Chargers fell behind early, as usual, when the Broncos intercepted Philip Rivers, and Tebow lead the Broncos on a drive capped by a pass to Brandon Lloyd.

The Chargers caught up and won thanks to Ryan Mathews having a career day. He carried the ball 26 times for 120 yards and three touchdowns. The Chargers clearly came into the game with the goal of seeing how Mathews would respond when asked to carry the load for a full game, and he responded well. His one down moment came on a drive in the second quarter when he fumbled. It didn't hurt the team though, because thanks to the Gods of Fumble Luck (GOFL from now on), he fell on his own loose ball.

Honestly, that's all I remember from this game. I think Tebow had a couple long runs, the Chargers built a decent lead then let the Broncos chip away at so the final score (33-28) looked closer than the game actually was. I'm curious. How many people actually watched this game? I'll throw a poll down on the bottom to see. Anyone have any anything particularly insightful to say about this game? Let us know in the comments.