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Serious Business: 10/4 San Diego Chargers Links

Defense gets a little rush from victory - Tom Sheridan
"We were running games up front," English said. "We were running some blitzes. We did a good job of putting pressure on them today. It was fun."

Team staying positive on 3-1 start - Scott Bair
"It's important that our guys aren't beaten down by someone who has different expectations or expectations for the Chargers that are simply wrong," Turner said. "I know our team. I know who we are and what we need to do. Our coaches are doing a great job bringing our young guys along. When you win, it helps those players improve."

San Diego Chargers: Moving on - Bill Williamson
The Chargers have an outstanding chance to be 4-1 at their bye. San Diego plays at Denver next week. Perhaps this will be the week San Diego puts it together and stops letting inferior teams stick around.

Room for improvement - Christopher Smith
Ryan Mathews, Vaughn Martin and Donald Butler are just three of the young players Head Coach Norv Turner expects to get better as the season goes along simply by continuing to play.

Chargers battle injury bug in win - Alex Marvez
Chargers injuries, especially to key players, have become as common as sunny days on Mission Beach during Turner’s five seasons here. That helps explain why San Diego could continue its personnel juggling act and still emerge with a 26-16 home victory over winless-but-dangerous Miami.