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Chargers DVR: Chargers vs Dolphins

The edited highlights are a bit light on excitement this week.  Click on through for:

  • Chad Henne's Injury on a busted play
  • VJ's acrobatic TD catch, and his long sideline tiptoe grab
  • A nifty screen to Ryan Mathews
  • Mike Tolbert's goal line LT impression also has Eric Weddle's second consecutive game icing pick and Marcus Gilchrist's first NFL interception

Fortunately, SoCal residents can watch the game in it's entirety here.

In this chargersdotcom locker room reel, Takeo Spikes talks about first place in the AFC West, Mike Tolbert enjoys winning close games, Marcus Gilchrist exudes confidence, Randy McMichael likes to lead the league in stats other than raw yards, Ryan Mathews takes it one game at a time, Donald Butler lauds the run defense, Vincent Brown relaxes after getting his first catch out of the way, and Eric Weddle doesn't buy any Chargers hype.

There was a bizarre bit of officiating on the first Miami touchdown, they got the reviews perfectly backwards and incorrect (IMHO).  On the first play, it looks like the Miami running back got in, but the review had him down by a knee at the 4 inch line.  The second play was an awesome airborne collision stop by Takeo Spikes that looked like a fail whale, but was ruled a TD.

There was a lot of discussion about Jeromey Clary defending the honor of Marcus McNeill; ...well here it is.

Hopefully the two Larry English sacks were a sign of great things to come!

Just in case you can't get enough Takeo; here's a sack with a heads, shoulders, knees, and toes, knees, and toes sack dance.

Philip Rivers had two big runs for first downs in the game; this one showcases the baby giraffe in full effect.

We'll wrap it up with some podium bits from Norv on youth contributions, and Philip Rivers covering a number of rambling topics.

One last thing I'll point out, is that the NFL is considering adding an online streaming product for "All-22" coach's tape that shows all the players on the field.  This link takes you to a survey on the subject.  Below is a mockup of the sort of thing they are considering. (Hat tip to Doug Farrar of Shutdown Corner)