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San Diego Chargers Lose to the Kansas City Chiefs, 23-20

The San Diego Chargers knew that they would need at least a decent game from Philip Rivers to win this game against the Kansas City Chiefs, and they came one play away from getting that decent performance. Instead, with a 33 yard field goal for the win in the balance, Philip Rivers fumbled the snap from Nick Hardwick and allowed Kansas City to force Overtime, where they eventually won.

Rivers finished with 3 turnovers and no touchdowns. Ryan Mathews accumulated 112 yards of total offense before coming out of the game with a groin injury. Curtis Brinkley, in his place, shocked the world by getting 67 total yards of his own to go along with a rushing TD and a 2-point conversion. Marcus McNeill, with 7 penalties called on him, and Jeromey Clary could do nothing to stop the beast that is Tamba Hali.

Here are the facts:

  • The Chargers have more talent than the Chiefs, but not much
  • The Chargers could be a better team than the Chiefs, but not much better
  • The Chiefs are not very good and, therefore, neither are the Chargers
  • Philip Rivers, formerly the Chargers best player, might be their worst player this season
I'm not even sure this makes sense. The game certainly didn't. Some Chargers players played well, but it wasn't enough to overcome the sloppy football that was being played by others.

We'll have a bunch of posts breaking down this game further tomorrow. Right now, everyone deserves a drink of some sort.