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Fantasy Forecast: Chargers at Chiefs

The Chargers search to rebound on the big stage this Monday in Kansas City.  Something about Monday Night Football and fantasy football always make me giddy.  Last week the Jags drove fantasy owners crazy containing the Ravens offense.  This week, the Chiefs will try to hold down the Chargers and their star studded offense that has yet to hit on all cylinders.  Enough with real football, let’s get to the stuff we care about, fantasy stats!


Vs QBs - 17th

Vs. HBs – 23th

Vs. WRs - 20th

Vs TEs –15th

Philip Rivers – You may have lost all faith in Rivers, but I warned you last week was going to be a rough one.  This week will be better.  The Chiefs are feeling good about themselves right now, but Rivers will bounce back.  Prediction: 275 yards and two touchdowns

Ryan Mathews – I have concerns about Mathews, but it appears Tolbert will be out.  Which means, this sets up for a huge day for Mathews, as long as he can stay on the field.  Prediction: 130 total yards and a touchdown.

Vincent JacksonAfter getting lost on Revis island last week, Jackson should be back in form this week.   Prediction: 5 receptions for 75 yards

Malcom Floyd –   Floyd isn't having much of a fantasy impact this season.  I don't see that changing in KC.  Prediction: 3 catches for 45 yards.

Antonio Gates – Is Gates back?  Well, he's on the field, so that has to count for something.  I don't expect to see vintage Gates again this season, but that doesn't mean he can't put up fantasy points.  Prediction: 5 catches for 45 yards and a touchdown.

Sleeper start: Jacob Hester

Cherry Picking

Here are some guys that have very strong plays based on matchups this week.  I'm not telling you to start them, I'm just passing along some information, so don't shoot the messenger.


Rank 32 Patriots Big Ben
31 Broncos Stafford
30 Bills Beck
29 Packers BYE
28 Dolphins Eli Manning

Rank 32 Colts CJ2K
31 Rams Saints
30 Panthers AP
29 Eagles Murray
28 Titans Colts

Rank 32 Patriots Steelers
31 Rams Saints
30 Cardinals Ravens
29 Colts Titans
28 Broncos Lions

Rank 32 Bears BYE
31 Cowboys Celek
30  Dolphins Ballard
29 Titans Clark
28 Browns V. Davis


That's going to wrap things up for this fake football post.  Remember if you have fantasy questions, hit me up on from 8:30am to 9:30am Sunday morning and I will answer all fantasy football questions in the live chat.  If you tweet, feel free to send any start/sit questions to @fantasydaddy. You can listen to the HBR Fantasy Football show on XTRA Sports 1360 on Thursday nights at 7pm.  If you miss the show you are able to download/listen to the fantasy football podcasts in the XTRA Sports 1360 podcenter.