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Chargers DVR: Chargers @ Jets

We played a game against the Jets.  In the edited NFL highlights you'll see all seven touchdowns, three interceptions, LT's calves, and Rivers forgetting what down it was.  Or Something.  Let's talk about the officiating!  Somebody please explain to me where Quentin Jammer committed pass interference on this play:

And no, Jets fan, we really don't want to hear your opinion on how great this call was.  You may notice the laundry hits the ground well before the ball arrives, so the ref saw something before they both jumped up.  And while we're on the subject of garbage officiating.  What neutral zone were the refs watching here? also has that great trademark Floyd one hander.  This video reads like a TOLBERT SMASH clip, you know what it looks like as soon as I say "acrobatic Floyd one hand catch"

Oh Norv.  What are we going to do with you.  This needs to be made into a GIF so you can keep it for nerd rage during game threads!

I liked that Mike Tolbert made a kickoff tackle immediately following a goal line touchdown run. He may not be a lead back, but he's got that AJ Smith "football player" thing going on for sure.

This moment was also amusing to my simple mind; Donald Butler thinks about retrieving Shonn Greene's helmet but then chooses to let Greene get it himself.  I like Butler more and more every week.

We'll let the SDUT have the last word.  The out and about clip has the infamous McMichael quote, and a rather existential looking Philip Rivers explaining they knew this officiating crew called the most penalties.  You might want to bail out after the Tolbert quote.  The Acee Analysis has the Silver Fox basking in having picked the Chargers to lose anyway.