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Chargers Blow 11-Point Halftime Lead to Jets, Lose by 6

So the Chargers are apparently not a second-half team, they're just a half team. Either the team is awful in the first half and makes good adjustments, or they're great in the first half and make no adjustments. Today was a rare example of that latter.

The Chargers defense tried to do their job today, creating two turnovers and scoring a touchdown in the first quarter. The one issue they had was Antoine Cason, who looked lost against Plaxico Burress in he red zone. This makes sense considering Cason's struggles against physical receivers this year. That one is on the defensive coaches for not giving him help.

The Chargers offense, on the other hand, offered nothing. Philip Rivers completed 50% of his passes and threw two interceptions against one interception. Ryan Mathews ran for 3 yards per carry, with his longest carry going for just 9 yards. Vincent Jackson was blanketing by Darrelle Revis all day, and let a pass go through his hands for a critical interception for New York.

All of this was topped off by the worst 2-minute drill Rivers has ever run. Deep passes with no receivers going deep, no protection for Rivers when the Jets were obviously bringing heavy blitzes, short passes to receivers in the middle of the field with no really doesn't get any worse than the Chargers offense in the second half of the game (zero points, very few yards, very few first downs), but the two-minute drill was the cherry on top.

FINAL 1 2 3 4 Total
San Diego Chargers 7 14 0 0 21
New York Jets 3 7 7 10 27

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