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Chargers Beat Dolphins: Good, Bad, And Ugly

It was not always pretty, but the Chargers made progress this Sunday.  In a game that could not be viewed (legally) on televisions across Southern California, the Bolts improved to 3-1.  The Dolphins entered the game without their leading rusher in Daniel Thomas and lost starting quarterback Chad Henne during the first quarter.  Enter Matt Moore and Reggie Bush to lead the Dolphins to a road defeat and send the spiraling fins to 0-4. 


Larry English - Three solo tackles and two sacks from English.  Two sacks from English!  Let's hope this is the start of something for the former first round pick.

Nick Novak - Novak put 14 points on the score board with a perfect 6/6 day.  Hitting field goals from 23, 27, 38, and 48, Novak is easing the pain of losing Kaeding in the opener.  Novak was also great on kickoffs, only three of his sevens kickoff were brought out of the end zone.

Philip Rivers - 110.6 QB Rating, 21/31 - 307 yards, a touchdown and no turnovers.  What more can you ask for? 

Ryan Mathews - RM24 continues to progress and seize opportunities.  149 total yards (81 rushing, 68 receiving) on 21 touches, while showing no signs of being slowed by injuries.

Eric Weddle and Marcus Gilchrist - Each with an interception today helped the Chargers turnover ratio end up on the plus side.


Penalties. Chargers dinged eight times for eighty yards.

The Chargers front seven.  Giving up 50 yards rushing on 13 carries to Reggie Bush is unacceptable.  I realize I'm being a bit critical here, but Bush is a sorry excuse for a running back and letting him get half way to the century mark is no bueno.


Jeromey Clary - His personal foul in the second quarter halted a promising drive.  Instead of 2nd and goal and the Miami six, the Chargers faced 2nd and goal at the Miami 21, and eventually the Chargers settled for a Nick Novak 27-yard field goal.  Throw in his second false start in four games and that is why Clary ended up on the list this week.

That's the GBU from my end.  Who made your list?