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San Diego Chargers Defeat Miami Dolphins 26-16

That marks two games in a row now that have been iced by an Eric Weddle interception. With 2:53 remaining in the game and a 10-point Chargers lead, Eric Weddle intercepted Matt Moore. The Chargers would go on to get a first down, and with Miami having no more timeouts, the game was over.

Much like last week, the Chargers won, but many fans are no more confident in this team. By many factors, Miami is not that good a team this year yet, so there was the expectation that the Chargers would be able to blow out the Dolphins today. A blowout seemed all but certain once Chad Henne was knocked out of the game on the Dolphins' second drive of the game. But it wasn't in the cards as Matt Moore kept the Dolphins in the game, even coming into the game and leading them to a touchdown, putting Miami on the board first.

The Chargers offense had trouble finding their stride throughout most the game. It wasn't until the 4th quarter did it appear that Philip Rivers decided to hoist the team upon his shoulders and lead San Diego to a win. The team played sloppy throughout the whole game, racking up 8 penalties for 80 yards.

Ryan Mathews did finally get some success in the second half. On their first drive of the second half, Rivers connected with Mathews on a screen that saw him take the ball 42 yards downfield, which set up a Tolbert leaping touchdown. Mathews would then later break off 2 rushes for 33 yards. 

The Chargers ended up getting 2 interceptions, and not giving up any turnovers of their own, albeit some luck was involved. Both Michael Tolbert and Ryan Mathews fumbled the ball, but they were lucky to not lose those fumbles. Randy McMichael fell on Tolbert's fumble, and Mathews was able to fall back on the ball he fumbled.

Injuries were a big issue again. Vincent Jackson was on the sideline half the game, Antonio Garay, Shaun Philips and Randy McMichael all dealt with time on the sidelines. On the good side though, Larry English had two sacks in the game, and Donald Butler was disruptive yet again.

Next week sees the Chargers heading to Denver, who got obliterated by Green Bay today. If the Chargers can get a win in Denver, they would go into the bye week with a 4-1 record; easily their best start in a long time.