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Open Thread: Miami Dolphins at San Diego Chargers, 2nd Half

Are Miami's quarterbacks cursed against the Chargers? In the second consecutive meeting between these two teams, Miami's starting quarterback has been knocked out of the game. Chad Henne — who came in to fill in for Chad Pennington when he was knocked out of the game in 2009 — was knocked out of this game when he injured his shoulder on a broken-up play and ran it himself.

So that brings in Matt Moore. All is not lost for Miami, however, as Moore came into the game and immediately led the Dolphins on a 51-yard scoring drive, capped off by a 0.5-yard touchdown run by Lex Hilliard.

If there's one major criticism of this Chargers team, it's been turnovers. Things started to look promising for the Chargers when Marcus Gilchrist — starting in place of Quentin Jammer — intercepted a Chad Henne pass. The interception was basically wasted, however, as the Chargers offense went three-and-out for the second time in the game. But, at least they got a turnover, right?

Mike Tolbert did the best he could to equalize the turnover battle when he fumbled the ball mid-field, but thankfully Randy McMichael fell on the ball to recover it for the good guys.

You can tell this defense is trying to create turnovers more, as the defenders are playing to strip the ball more and more on tackles. One of these times, the football is bound to pop out.

The Chargers offense has had some trouble at times finding their stride. Ryan Mathews has been relatively quiet in the gameThe best play of the first half came when Philip Rivers aired out a 55-yard touchdown pass to Vincent Jackson, which tied the score at 7. Both teams would trade field goals before the Chargers managed to drive 49 yards and Nick Novak hit a 48-yard field goal with 7 seconds remaining in the half.

So San Diego goes back to the locker room with the lead, albeit barely. Hopefully Norv can make his usual second-half adjustments and the team can put the game away.