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Serious Business: 10/19 San Diego Chargers Links

AccuScore: Impact of Carson Palmer trade - Bart Lopez
The table below shows three different scenarios for the remainder of the Raiders’ season: the first is if Kyle Boller started the rest of the season; the second is if Jason Campbell never got injured; and the last is if Carson Palmer starts in Week 9 after Oakland’s bye week. These projections show that Oakland made a good decision (for this season, anyhow).

Scouting report: New York Jets - Chris Jenkins
One straight win over winless Miami, however, has the Jets 3-3 and ready for another run at the Super Bowl that Ryan keeps insisting they’ll win someday soon. Which, as long as they have cornerback Darrelle Revis on the field, is a distinct possibility.

Raiders put heat on Chargers - Bill Williamson
The Oakland Raiders just sent a serious message to the first-place San Diego Chargers.

A look at Raiders' 2012 draft - Bill Williamson
Thanks to ESPN Stats & Information for putting together this nice chart on the Raiders 2012 draft picks:

What Do You Mean, 'We?' - Chris Jones
Here's the deal: If you don't play for, or you are not an employee of, the team in question, "we" is not the pronoun you're looking for.

Chargers facing a first this week - Bill Williamson
For the first time since the San Diego Chargers cut legendary running back LaDainian Tomlinson in 2010, the Chargers will face Tomlinson when they visit the New York Jets on Sunday.