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Chargers Game Ball of the Week: Scott Fujita

Since the San Diego Chargers did not play or make any trades (yet) this week, I'm choosing to give the game ball to the player that had the largest impact on the Bolts' season on Sunday. While Chris Gocong was wrapping up Jason Campbell's legs on a QB scramble, Scott Fujita came in and slammed the Raiders' QB's shoulder into the ground and broke his collarbone. Someone should've told Campbell that the league only protects QBs that stay in the pocket.

The Raiders went on to beat the Browns with Kyle Boller and Shane Lechler splitting the duties as QB in the second half (Lechler threw the only passing TD for Oakland), but Campbell was knocked out for the rest of the season. Despite Campbell not being a prolific passer, the Raiders offense was scoring more points per game with him than the 2011 Chargers offense.

Next week, with Oakland just 0.5 games behind the Chargers for the lead in the division, the Raiders travel to Kansas City to play the Chiefs. The following two weeks for them are a bye week and vs the Broncos in Oakland. If they were going to trade for Carson Palmer or sign David Garrard and get him acclimated as the starter, now would be the best time for them to do it.

AFC West Standings

San Diego 4 1
120 109
Oakland 4 2
160 150
Kansas City 2 3
77 150
Denver 1 4
105 140

(updated 10.17.2011 at 1:17 AM PDT)