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Wild, Wild West: AFC West Week 6

I promised more cheerleaders, and I'm a man of my word.  (Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images)
I promised more cheerleaders, and I'm a man of my word. (Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images)
Getty Images

High Boltage Radio, which typically airs on Saturdays from 10am to Noon on XTRA Sports 1360AM, is taking a bye this week. This means that Steve and I, as well as you guys, can either sleep in or tune to 1360AM anyway to listen to whatever college football game they're playing in place of us.

Each week, I do a segment called "The Wild, Wild West" where I give a preview for the upcoming weekend for the AFC West teams not named the San Diego Chargers. Also, each week our soundboard operator seems to find a new song titled "Wild, Wild West" to play as the intro to the segment. So, without further ado....

Here is your token not-yet-used Wild, Wild West intro music (this time it's the Will Smith/Stevie Wonder version) and your AFC West preview for Week 6 is after the jump.


Oakland Raiders

The Raiders are the only AFC West team without a bye this week. Crazy, right?

Most of the news coming out of Oakland this week has very little to do with their home game against the Cleveland Browns. A week after their Owner and GM died, the Raiders traded a 7th round pick for the #4 overall pick of the 2009 NFL Draft Aaron Curry, who had fallen out of favor with the Seattle Seahawks. He's still getting paid an awful lot of money, which means he'll have a chance to earn a starting job with Oakland by the end of the season.

To the naked eye, the Browns seem to be even worse than what they were in Mike Holmgren's first year of rebuilding last year. The teams they've managed to defeat currently stand at 0-9, and they were handled easily by the Tennessee TItans (who are incredibly similar to the Raiders) in Cleveland two weeks ago before having their bye week last week.

Most of the important players seem healthy enough to play in this game with the possible exception being Joe Haden (the wonderful Browns CB is probably their best player), who missed practice on Wednesday with a knee injury.

The Raiders seemed prime for an easy victory on Sunday, and there should be a couple more of those in the coming weeks as their schedule gets very soft. If they're to lose to the Browns, it would start the conversations that the Raiders will once again not live up to their potential. A win would have them at 4-2 and eyeing 1st place in the division, as they'll be playing against the lowly Chiefs next week when the Chargers travel to New Jersey to take on the Jets.


San Diego Chargers



Denver Broncos



Kansas City Chiefs