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Serious Business: 10/13 San Diego Chargers Links

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(Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)
(Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Walkthrough: Heaven and Hell - Mike Tanier
I watched the whole Tebow show on Monday morning -– all ten passes and six runs from Sunday’s loss to the Chargers -– looking for something to diagram. I settled on the end-of-game Hail Mary. It encapsulated the Tebow experience nicely. He had no idea where to go with the football. His scramble was about three times as dramatic as it needed to be: the little ballet-spin move he made with no defender within two yards was particularly precious. His eventual throw was off target, though it was hard to be certain who his target really was. That said, it was a lot of fun, and it nearly worked.

Re-Focused - Chargers @ Broncos, Week 5 - Khaled Elsaved
It’s not often you get to talk about a slot cornerback, but the play of Dante Hughes (+3.5) presents me with a chance to do so.  Hughes played 26 snaps, 17 of which were spent in coverage and 14 of which were in the slot.  How did he fare against the feeble Broncos passing attack?  Well he allowed one of the four balls thrown his way to be completed for negative four yards. Oh yeah, he allowed that reception after breaking up two passes.  It says something that the only time the Broncos were able to complete a pass on him, was with 1:47 left in the first half. On that play, he closed on the receiver with such speed that the end result was negative yardage and more boos showered down on the Denver offense.

Cooper era ends, again - Kevin Acee
Some sort of move -- either Cooper's release or being placed on injured reserve, both of which end his season and his time with the only team he has played for -- was considered an inevitability almost since he was re-signed in early August. Nonetheless, it marks the official passing of an era.

Chargers choose Hayes, vice versa - Kevin Acee
Gerald Hayes has been working out in Arizona and traveling a little bit. He was in New Jersey visiting family when his agent called to say the Chargers wanted to sign him.

More diverse offense proving advantageous - Scott Bair
The Chargers have found ways to win this season. Their victories haven't always been convincing, but the final scores have consistently skewed their way.

Hayes signs; Cooper to IR - Christopher Smith
San Diego made a minor roster tweak Tuesday, placing Stephen Cooper (biceps) on Reserve-Injured and signing veteran linebacker Gerald Hayes for depth.

Mathews playing on plays big - Kevin Acee
"To see him get hurt in the first quarter, to know he’s grinding through it and it’s getting worse as the game progresses, it’s very impressive," said running back Mike Tolbert, who suffered a concussion in the second quarter. "And respect is given to him."