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Chargers DVR: Chargers @ Broncos

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Well this game was certainly a bit more exciting than it should have been.  The 2nd half Tebocalypse (trademark pending) rained down on our battered bolts, but the Chargers somehow managed to hit the bye with a 4-1 record nonetheless.  Here's the edited highlights, with a little bit more zest than the last couple of weeks.  In this package you'll get:

  • Donald Butler's (first NFL) Interception
  • Philip Rivers to Malcom Floyd for a long bomb TD at the end of the half
  • Tim Tebow's Rushing TD (complete with forced politeness Kyle Orton golf clap)
  • The Ghost of Ed Hoculi
  • A devastating screen pass TD from Tebow to Knowshon Moreno
  • Antoine Cason's huge pass defense on a Bronco try for 2 that would have tied the game
  • That surreal final drive by Tebow and the Broncos

The debate has already raged at Mile High Report, but here's a closer look at the last gasp of a hail mary from Tebow.  There was also a huge "hidden" play in this critical third down reception by Floyd that helped the Chargers burn three more minutes off the clock. also had a close look at a 36 yard run by Mathews with a smooth stiffarm, and the Rivers rushing TD, complete with an emphatic spike.

Let's visit the the chargersdotcom locker room (F'in' A indeed Mr. Hardwick!):

I thought Hester looked somewhat legitimate as a NFL halfback this week, here's his best two runs of the day:

Here's the play where Tolbert was concussed.  He REALLY needs to do something about his chin strap, that thing has been popping off constantly for three seasons now.  Apparently it flew off again and his head hit the ground on the way down.  Not a pretty picture.  I would really hope to see the staff take the long term approach to bringing him back into action.

Here's a couple treats for the playbook confidential fans.  First we have an empty backfield with Hester wide right (covered by a LB), and Mathews in Motion to the left.  The Denver defense is forced to call a timeout because they were either unprepared, or simply caught off guard in reacting to the motion.  Mathews might have been uncovered if this play had gotten off.  After that, is a play where Von Miller bit on play action to Hester of all people, that resulted in Kory Sperry's first catch of the season.  Note to Chargers opponents: you do not need to get that excited about Jacob Hester, although we won't mind if you do.


We'll close this week with Norv and Rivers at the podium, and then some Acee Analysis.  I like the anecdote of Rivers telling Mathews to "give us thirty more minutes, and we'll give you a whole week off."