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Sunday Morning Bloody Mary: Regularly-Scheduled Games!

Count me as someone who is not a big fan of the Saturday playoff games starting at 1:30pm (or 4:30pm Eastern). That takes up the WHOLE DAY. All morning I felt like "I can't get anything started, football starts soon!" Then after the games it was like "There's no time for anything, I'm almost asleep already!" F that. There's a reason I almost never watch the SNF game unless the Chargers are in it, and it's because I like to have those few hours to go do some non-football stuff before going off to dreamland. I feel like yesterday was both incredibly busy and incredibly non-productive.

Anyways, we're back to a normal slate of football from 10am to 5pm-ish today and I'm excited.

Ravens at Chiefs

An interesting game. If the Seahawks showed us anything yesterday it's those home field advantages should not be overlooked. I'd say that almost makes the Chiefs the favorites in this game. I have a hard time rooting for them, but I suppose it would make the Chargers look better if they finished 2nd to a team that not only went to the playoffs but did some damage.

JG's Pick: Chiefs, but I'm rooting for the Ravens. I hope Anquan Boldin has a Dwayne Bowe-type game.


Packers at Eagles

Think Vegas was trying real hard this week? The Eagles are favored by 3 at home against the Packers. A few weeks ago when these two teams met in Philly, the Eagles won by....3! Way to sleep in, line-makers.

Anyways, I'm fairly amped about this game. I really enjoy watching both of these teams, but still don't trust either (the Packers running game is awful and I will never trust Michael Vick to be consistent or not kill dogs).

JG's Pick: OVERTIME. You knew, with the new rules, it was going to happen. Welcome to the first NEW OVERTIME. It'll be fun to watch Mike McCarthy and Andy Reid fight over who is the worse overtime coach. I personally think Reid can't be topped, so I'll pick the Packers to win.