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Open Thread: Saturday Games

New Orleans Saints at Seattle Seahawks

This is the early game, and is an interesting matchup of two flawed teams. If you're looking for a San Diego or Chargers connection to root for, there are a few. Drew Brees is your former QB, Charlie Whitehurst is your former Chargers Heartthrob (who will be on call in case Matt Hasselbeck starts the game poorly or gets hit too hard) and Reggie Bush is your hometown hero.

JG's Pick: Saints, but mostly because Seattle's secondary is pretty awful.


New York Jets at Indianapolis Colts

The late game has plenty riding on it for the Chargers, and by plenty I mean the difference of one round in the 2011 NFL Draft. Should the Jets, with their former Chargers RB (LaDainian Tomlinson) and former Chargers CB (Antonio Cromartie), pull off the upset....the Jets would send the Bolts a 2nd round draft pick in return for Cromartie. Should the Colts win, the Jets only have to send a 3rd rounder.

Go Jets?

JG's Pick: Jets. They have enough to slow down Peyton Manning....I think, and the Colts have nothing else left. The 2010 Colts seem an awful lot like the 2009 Chargers, and we know how that ended.