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Chargers will not renew Special Teams Coach Steve Crosby's Contract

In a move that shocks, well, nobody, the Chargers have announced today they will not renew Special Teams coach Steve Crosby's contract for the 2011 season; thus ending his tenure with the San Diego Chargers. Surely, some fans are elated at the news, while others are wondering why it took the team until the end of the season to release him.

It should be pointed out, however, that not all the Chargers' struggles at Special Teams this year are due to the coaching. Many of the issues were personnel-related (or lack of experienced personnel, I should say), and Crosby's firing could be viewed as the Chargers merely using him as a scapegoat at the conclusion of a disappointing season.

Crosby has been with the Chargers since the 2002 season, and for most years under his leadership, the Chargers Special Teams unit has been an asset, not so much a liability. But the NFL as a whole is notorious for the "what have you done for me lately" mentality, so one bad season is certainly enough to get a coach fired.

Whether or not Crosby was the biggest issue with the Chargers Special Teams unit this year remains to be seen, but when a particular facet of a team is not performing their job particularly well, it's only natural the blame gets put almost entirely on the leader.

Said Chargers head coach Norv Turner:

We appreciate Steve's hard work & dedication to this team over the past nine seasons.