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San Diego Chargers 2011 Opponents

Assuming there is a 2011 season and assuming there will be 16 games in the regular season schedule, then here are the teams the Chargers will face:

Denver Broncos Kansas City Chiefs Oakland Raiders Miami Dolphins Buffalo Bills Baltimore Ravens Green Bay Packers Minnesota Vikings
Denver Broncos Kansas City Chiefs Oakland Raiders New England Patriots New York Jets Jacksonville Jaguars Chicago Bears Detroit Lions

The interesting quirk seems to be that the Chargers will travel play the two playoff teams from the AFC East (Patriots and Jets), whereas with the NFC North they split home and away for the two playoff-bound clubs (Bears and Packers).

For those that worry about playing cold weather games, playing Jacksonville and Detroit on the road have the potential be a respite from cold if either gets scheduled for late in the season. Potentially, the Chargers could have had Baltimore as a road game instead of Jacksonville and Green Bay instead of Detroit. That sort of scheduling would have meant that only the Oakland would be indoors and not located in a place where it regularly gets below freezing during winter. Not that it really matters, but this is the sort of stuff you think about when you stare at a schedule for too long.