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Goodbye BFTB, Forever

I just can't stand being around here anymore. Between the arrogance, the way differing opinions are blindly deleted, and the inside jokes that run rampant through this's all just become too uncomfortable.

I know what you're saying. You're saying "John, you're the arrogant person who is deleting every comment that's not an inside joke that references a shared opinion of your own. You caused this whole mess." To that I say: too bad. I know I made this mess, but it's your responsibility to clean it up. I'm Swayze.

(Keep reading after the jump. Seriously. Please?)

Okay, fine. That was a joke. This type of "Going away" speech is almost starting to become commonplace at BFTB. With this being both the Chargers offseason and the most useless week in the NFL season, I thought I'd take the opportunity to explain myself and offer a stage for feedback.

1. Arrogance
I've heard this complaint about me, and the other writers, more than once. What I always feel like writing back, but never do (humble!), is that every fan of a winning football team is at least a little arrogant. It's more fun that way. Heck, even most fans of losing teams are arrogant until they can't be anymore. Anybody remember the guys from Arrowhead Pride predicting they'd sweep the Chargers last year and then they lost both games by 30 points? That wasn't them being stupid, that was them being fans of their team and believing the dream.

Yes, I have faith in my own opinions. Sometimes I don't do enough research and my facts are wrong, but for the most part I come to the table as a person who generally understands the game of football, knows the San Diego Chargers inside and out, and believes them to be a good football team that can beat anybody any week. If you'd rather me be Mr. Sad-Sacks, admitting that all my opinions are probably wrong and saying "Oh, who knows?" any time somebody asks me for a prediction.....well, let me know. I can do that. I get paid for this, you know, so I'm practically a dancing monkey as long as the checks keep rolling in.


2. Deleting Comments/Shared Opinions
Just so everybody knows, this happens rarely. Really, the only reason for hiding/deleting comments is that they contain spam, foul language or blatant trolling. Even the foul language slips by if I've had a beer or two. If you think I've deleted a comment of yours, shoot me an e-mail (boltsfromtheblue@gmailcom) and we'll talk it over. In some cases, this is a sign that there's something wrong with our system and that I should alert the nerds who know how to fix that stuff.


3. Inside Jokes/Friends
Another common complaint. There's too many inside jokes and everyone seems to be friends with one another. I've never really thought of these as being bad things. Heck, since moving back from Philadelphia to San Diego, some of the people that I've met in the comments section of BFTB have become my best friends. Some of the people that I've met in the comments section of Gaslamp Ball, where inside jokes are not so much a setup and punchline as they are an entirely new language, have become some of my best friends.

The reason we have open threads, and comments sections that include the ability to post a reply directly underneath any particular comment, is that this is a place to converse more than it is a place to comment. Watching a game and having the OT open should feel comparable to sitting at the bar and watching the game with yours buddies. Just like your buddies, we have inside jokes, we tease and sometimes we get way off track from the game of football. We don't just act like friends, we are friends and we're always looking for more.

If you have questions, if you're intimidated, if you're confused or just looking for a way to jump right in and get everyone treating you nicely (save for the eventual "Wonking" that will take place)...send me an e-mail. I cannot stress this enough. My job is as a writer, an editor, and someone who grows and maintains the community. If you're nervous about joining, or feel you're being mistreated, or me in. I'm the Principal of this Chargers-theme virtual high school.

Also, the confused can start by digging through the Official BFTB Wiki.


4. Suggestion Box
Consider the comments below a place for feedback and suggestions, unless you would rather send me something privately (again, I have an e-mail address and I check the thing every 10 or 15 seconds). What would you suggest I do to keep from offending people? How should I make the waters of BFTB seem more comfortable for people to jump in? What would you do if you were me (and don't say "I wouldn't get drunk with power", because you would)?