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Exhale: Chargers Retain Defensive Staff

I've been waiting to write this post because I haven't wanted to jinx anything, but it would appear that things are turning out differently than I would've thought for Ron Rivera's move to Carolina.

I was expecting Ron to try and find a way to take some of his defensive staff, almost all of whom came over from Chicago after he was named the Chargers Defensive Coordinator. However, since all of them are still under contract with the team it looks like he has abandoned that idea. Instead, Rivera went back to his roots (Jim Johnson's attacking 4-3 defense) and hired Sean McDermott to be his Defensive Coordinator.

McDermott and Rivera have decided to retain Ron Meeks (Secondary Coach) and Sam Mills III (QC Coach, and now the Asst. Defensive Line Coach), and it does not look like they have even spoken with anyone on the Chargers defensive staff about filling any holes in Carolina.

So, as we stand now, it looks like the following changes were the only ones made to the San Diego Chargers coaching staff for 2011.

Rob Chudzinski ---> Jason Michael
Steve Crosby ---> Rich Bisaccia
Ron Rivera ---> Greg Manusky