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Let Me Make Your Big Game Recipe

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Coca-Cola (aka Coke) is sponsoring BFTB today, and wants to hear all about my Super Bowl party traditions. Well....I guess I don't really have any traditions. In the last 5 years, I've spent Super Bowls alone at home, out with family and at friend's houses with the booze flowing and carne asada grilling.

I suppose my Super Bowl tradition is to survey the situation and have as much fun as possible, while trying to remain upright for the 4th quarter. It's an interesting balance of time too, seeing as how commercial breaks are no longer easy bathroom breaks.

I suppose the one tradition I do have, and this is mostly for the sake of conserving time later, is to cook. I generally come up with one entree and make enough to feed an army. I bring it to whatever shindig I'm going to, as it gets me on the good side of everyone and keeps me from having to sit around the grill myself (which, all things told, is not a terrible fallback plan).

For 2010, buried under piles of snow in Philadelphia, I made a big pot of my tequila chili. Seeing as how nobody came by, it lasted for a while afterwards but was totally delicious. The year before a few friends braved the harsh weather to share in the glory of my Espresso BBQ Baby-Back Ribs. That's about as far as my memory will let me go back.

So, here's my plan. Post your favorite Super Bowl recipe in the comments below (extra points if it's made with a Coke product), and the one that gets the most recs gets made by me on Super Bowl Sunday and documented on the site.

Recipes must be in by 8am tomorrow morning. GO!