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San Diego Chargers: The Search for a Backup QB

Did you know that the San Diego Chargers only have one QB on their roster currently? It's true, Billy Volek is an unrestricted free agent and Jonathan Crompton was stolen away by the New England patriots at some point.

Many people are expecting the Chargers to bring back Volek, a solid backup and a friend of Philip Rivers, but should Volek get an opportunity elsewhere (Arizona?) there's no guarantee he'll want to come back. In addition to that, as a veteran of the league Volek typically gets paid more than most young NFL backups. Basically, it's time to kick the tires of free agency and see what else is out there.

Randomly-Selected Options:

Brodie Croyle - Wouldn't that just stick in the craw of Todd Haley? Croyle is a young guy with excellent potential and a big arm. After his game against the Chargers this season, it's doubtful he gets any offers to be a starter. A few years of learning from Norv Turner and Philip Rivers could get him a shot down the line though.

Marc Bulger - This would be like signing a cheaper (I think) Volek. They're essentially the same age and probably regarded about the same around the league.

Peyton Manning - Okay, hear me out......just kidding, but it'd be fun, wouldn't it?

Sage Rosenfels - Similar to Volek (34) and Bulger (33), Rosenfels (32) is a guy that probably won't find a better job than Philip Rivers' backup.