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Chargers Defeat Broncos, Welcome Tougher Schedule and Lower Draft Pick

Well, that was one of the most boring football watching experiences of my life. The Chargers played their starters all four quarters of the game, and bounced back and forth between looking apathetic, overmatched, dominant and exciting. 

Philip Rivers looked careless, and yet still amazingly gifted. He also took way too many hard hits (5 sacks) for comfort, and I am glad he escaped without shredding his shoulder apart. Let's call that a Bolt.

Ryan Mathews was the star of the game, busting out for a few big plays against one of the league's worst run defenses and getting everyone excited for 2011. Good job, Bam Bam.

Malcom Floyd and Vincent Jackson both stunned us with fantastic catches, although Jackson's resulted in an injured ankle. Strangely enough, Legedu Naanee finished as the team's leading receiver.

Special Teams looked equal parts talented and terrible, and I firmly believe that Steve Crosby will be fired this week as the scapegoat to a down season. Darren Sproles had a nice kick return, and Antoine Cason showed why he should've been returning punts for the last two seasons. Outside of a 53 yarder, Nate Kaeding remained in regular season form with his field goals.

Basically, in a meaningless game there was no meaning. Nobody really stood out as being particularly great or terrible, with the possible exception of Mathews and those two brilliant catches by Floyd and Jackson. It was a boring game, and in the shadow of a great Packers/Bears game it seemed even more dull.

Bring on the offseason.