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Open Thread: Chargers at Broncos

With the last Chargers Open Thread of the season....this is where I lose you. You see, I like Tim Tebow. I always have....which is strange because I tend to hang out on the side of anti-religious types who hate all things the mainstream media enjoy. What are those people called? Hipsters? Yeah, I tend to hang out with them, I suppose.

Anyways, I've always kind of liked the Florida Gators. Blame Spurrier for being lazy and arrogant right around the time that I enjoyed lazy and arrogant people. I like Rex Grossman when he was there, and liked Tebow when he took over. As Tebow's career continued, he did everything that could've been asked of him. He was a good enough passer, a very good runner, one of the smartest on-the-field players I've ever watched and pretty much my definition of a leader. Oh, and for all our differing viewpoints, I respect the man for standing up for what he believes in and not backing down (but at the same time not necessarily being annoying about it).

So, here we go. My first, and hopefully last, NFL game where I will be rooting for Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos (vomit)....but at the same time rooting for a better future for the Chargers and a worse future for the Broncos. If the Chargers win, will I be upset? No. So I guess you could say I'm putting myself in a win-win long as nobody gets hurt.

Oh, and as I am writing this the Raiders are tied with the Chiefs 10-10. Get ready for this....because it's going to hurt....