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Good News! Josh McDaniels Hired by St. Louis Rams

Yesterday, after interviewing with the Minnesota Vikings and the St. Louis Rams for their open Offensive Coordinator positions, former Denver Broncos Head Coach Josh McDaniels took the job with the Rams and will work to get the most out of Sam Bradford next season.

Here's why this is good news for Chargers fans....

1. Kansas City Chiefs. Yes, they didn't interview him. Yes, McDaniels and Haley have a bit of history from earlier this season. However, they are both Belichick guys and McDaniels learned the offensive ropes from now-departed Charlie Weis.

Had McD gone to that part of Missouri instead of St. Louis, many would be expecting that offense to continue to prosper. With a new OC next season, probably coming in with a different system, there is a definite possibility for a step backwards for Matt Cassel & Co.

2. Tim Tebow. There was much discussion, when it looked like Josh was going to the Vikings, of Tebow coming along for the ride. It was simple math, really. The Broncos do not want Tebow as their starting QB next year, and they don't want him as their future starting QB either. He was drafted as a project by McD and nothing else. There is nobody left that believes in the project.

With McDaniels landing in a spot where there is a younger, better QB already in place, there is 0% chance that he works a deal to trade for the Heisman Trophy winner. This means that either the Broncos have to hope there is a team out there that is interested in him, enough that they'll actually give something in return, or they'll have to hold onto him and hope he's happy playing backup. Either way, there's going to be a lot of pissed off people in Denver talking about Tim Tebow in 2011.


So thank you, Mr. Josh McDaniels, for taking the route that benefits the Chargers the most (did I mention he's in a division the Chargers won't play for another 4 years?). Go turn that Bradford kid into a star.