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Hue Jackson is Named New Oakland Raiders Head Coach

After on improving the Oakland Raiders record from 5-11 to 8-8 (including 6-0 against the AFC West), Tom Cable was fired. After word came out that the Raiders were also seeking about $120,000 from Cable in......I don't know, fines for making Al Davis angry....Al had a press conference yesterday to name his new Head Coach and to discuss why he fired the old one.

The answer, in a nutshell, is that Al didn't like Tom Cable. Whether or not he got results, Davis seemed to paint a picture of Cable as an irresponsible, and sometimes violent, partier that was more focused on his social life than on the weekly football games. This is most likely what those crazy-fines were about, and sets a precedent for new coach Hue Jackson to follow: Don't do anything Al wouldn't do, or you will be fired regardless of success.

Hue Jackson is not changing addresses, simply titles, as he was the Raiders Offensive Coordinator last year. Assuming he can win the division, the Super Bowl, and maintain a moral standard that's acceptable to an 81-year-old loony vampire....he should be around until at least 2012.