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2011 Chargers Offseason: Impending Free Agencies

After the NFL Playoffs are finished and the new Collective Bargaining Agreement is hammered out, the San Diego Chargers will go back to work rebuilding their roster. This is a big offseason for the franchise. Not only did they miss the playoffs for the first time since the 2005 season, but they also have a number of impending free agents. Some of you may have seen a list here or there of who is about to test the free agent waters or perhaps read an article here or there about this player or that player needed to be franchised or re-signed or whatever. What I wanted to put together was a comprehensive list of every player employed by the Chargers, when their current contract runs out and what type of free agency they'll be eligible for at the end of that contract. You can see that list after the jump.

Some important things to keep in mind about this coming offseason. Because there is no Collective Bargaining Agreement between the players and the owners, there is some uncertainty about certain players' free agent status. This past offseason, players were eligible for unrestricted free agency after 6 seasons of NFL service time. In the season before that, it was only 4 seasons to be eligible. Some experts have weighed in on what the actual number will be after a new CBA, but I don't want to assume anything. So, in my free agency table, I've listed the number of seasons that the player will have accrued at the end of their contract if it's greater than 2 or less than 6. Just remember that if, for example, the new CBA says only 4 seasons are needed, then the players listed whose contracts end after 4 seasons will be unrestricted free agents.

FA Status Abbreviation Description
Exclusive Rights Free Agent E Player can only sign with previous club unless they are no tendered an offer.
Restricted Free Agent R3, R4, R5 Player can be tendered an offer by previous club. That tender will determine the amount of compensation (draft picks) required for another team to sign the player. The number listed is the number of seasons accrued by the player. See the intro for the importance of this number.
Unrestricted Free Agent U Player is free to sign with any other team without compensation to the previous club. The only exception occurs if the franchise tag is placed on the player.

First Last Position FA Year FA Type
Darry Beckwith ILB 2011 E
Curtis Brinkley RB 2011 E
James Dearth LS 2011 E
Brandyn Dombrowksi T 2011 E
James Holt OLB 2011 E
Brandon Lang OLB 2011 E
Billy Latsko FB 2011 E
Ogemdi Nwagbuo DT 2011 E
Nick Richmond T 2011 E
Kory Sperry TE 2011 E
Kion Wilson ILB 2011 E
Mike Windt LS 2011 E
Eric Young T 2011 E
Antwan Applewhite OLB 2011 R3
Mike Tolbert RB 2011 R3
Antwan Barnes OLB 2011 R4
Jeromey Clary T 2011 R4
Dante Hughes CB 2011 R4
Legedu Naanee WR 2011 R4
Ryan Neill LS 2011 R4
Paul Oliver S 2011 R4
Brandon Siler ILB 2011 R4
Eric Weddle S 2011 R4
Malcom Floyd WR 2011 R5
Pat Watkins S 2011 R5
Kevin Burnett ILB 2011 U
Tyron Carter S 2011 U
Jacques Cesaire DE 2011 U
Stephen Cooper ILB 2011 U
Vincent Jackson WR 2011 U
Travis Johnson DE 2011 U
Randy McMichael TE 2011 U
Brandon Moore ILB 2011 U
Scott Mruczkowski C 2011 U
Darren Sproles RB 2011 U
Billy Volek QB 2011 U
Kelley Washington WR 2011 U
Seyi Ajirotutu WR 2012 E
Jacob Hester FB 2012 R4
Buster Davis WR 2012 R5
Quinton Teal S 2012 R5
David Binn LS 2012 U
Patrick Crayton WR 2012 U
Antonio Garay DT 2012 U
Steve Gregory S 2012 U
Nick Hardwick C 2012 U
Mike Scifres P 2012 U
Donald Strickland CB 2012 U
Kris Wilson TE 2012 U
Tyronne Green G 2013 R4
Vaughn Martin DE 2013 R4
Louis Vazquez RG 2013 R4
Antoine Cason CB 2013 R5
Kris Dielman LG 2013 U
Quentin Jammer CB 2013 U
Nate Kaeding K 2013 U
Shaun Phillips OLB 2013 U
Jyles Tucker OLB 2013 U
Donald Butler ILB 2014 R4
Darrell Stuckey S 2014 R4
Cam Thomas DT 2014 R4
Larry English OLB 2014 R5
Luis Castillo DE 2014 U
Ryan Mathews RB 2015 R5
Antonio Gates TE 2016 U
Marcus McNeill LT 2016 U
Philip Rivers QB 2016 U