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OT: Saturday Games

If you don't happen to follow BFTB on twitter, you may have missed this little nugget of information that I figured out while convincing myself to get out of bed this morning:

The Chargers have played 4 of the 12 playoff teams this season, in 5 games. They lost to the Seahawks, Patriots and Chiefs, and they defeated the Colts and the Chiefs.

So, teams that beat the Chargers in the regular season are currently 1-1 in the playoffs.....and teams that the Chargers defeated are currently 0-2. The Chiefs are on both sides of that, and the only win came from Seattle. Kind of odd, isn't it?

Anyways, four great matchups this weekend starting with Ravens/Steelers now and Falcons/Packers later.

John's Picks: Ravens and Falcons