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Is Rob Chudzinski Leaving the Chargers?

If you don't know who Rob Chudzinski is, you probably should. Rob was a rising star in the NFL after helping Antonio Gates take his game to another level in 2005-2006. He also worked as a part of the team that generated the team's offensive gameplans during those seasons, which happen to be Drew Brees' last season and Philip Rivers' first as the starter (14-2!).

He was already being talked about before that after being the Offensive Coordinator for a Miami Hurricanes team that won a national championship and went 35-3 during Chud's employment. After those two seasons with the Chargers he was hired away by the Cleveland Browns to be their OC, and somehow managed to turn Derek Anderson into a good QB for an entire season before the inevitable happened there.

Chud's return to the Chargers has been a blessing. He took back his spot as the TE Coach, and also gained the title of "Assistant Head Coach". Much has been made about him helping Norv Turner with the offensive gameplan as well as with game-day duties such as clock management.

Well, the league has taken notice and it would appear that the rumor mill is spinning once again. Talking heads are speculating that Chudzinski will either go with Ron Rivera to become the OC of the Carolina Panthers, or will return to Miami (where he also played as a player) to join Tony Sparano as the OC of the Miami Dolphins. Yet another chink in the armor of the 2011 San Diego Chargers.

Good luck, Chud. You deserved another shot after what you pulled off in Cleveland.