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Philip Rivers, Finalist for FedEx Air Player of the Year

Philip Rivers, known around these parts as El Capitan, is one of three QBs nominated for FedEx's "Air Player of the Year" Award. Considering there are only three nominees, and the other two are Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady, that makes it completely legit to say that Kapteeni (Finnish! ....and also probably the name of a martini drunkenly made with Captain Morgan) was one of the league's 3 best QBs in 2010.

Here's some of the information passed along by people who are promoting the award:

San Diego’s Philip Rivers (Editor's Note: Le Capitaine! French!) led the NFL with for 4,710 passing yards, the 10th most in a single season.  With 2,649 passing yards through Week 8, Rivers set an NFL record for the most passing yards through a quarterback’s first eight games of a season.  In addition, his 1,562 passing yards during October set an NFL record for the most passing yards in the month. Rivers completed an NFL-leading 66 passes of at least 20 yards, with 12 of those going for touchdowns (second-most in the league). Rivers also set a career high with six 300-yard games and finished the year with a 101.8 passer rating (second-highest in the NFL).

What they fail to mention in their information is that while Tom Brady tried to woo votes with his long hair, and Aaron Rodgers tried to do it with his assortment of hats, Philip Rivers went in the complete opposite direction and shaved his hair TO THE BONE in the hopes of gaining the vote of America's bald men. As a future member of that group, I can say.....I respect you, דער הויפטמאן (Yiddish!). You have won over my vote and my heart.

To hell with you, Charlie Whitehurst.