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BFTB Scouting: BCS National Championship Game

Featured Game
Tostitos BCS National Championship Game
Oregon (12-0) vs Auburn (13-0) Monday 1/10 5:30 PM PT (ESPN)

This is the Championship game, if you want hype and analysis you can find it in plenty of places. People will be all over Oregon's Sophomore QB Darron Thomas and Sophomore RB LaMichael James and Auburn's Jr. QB and Controversial Heisman Trophy Winner Cam Newton and Jr. DT and Lombardi Award Winner Nick Fairley. At BFTB the focus is on the Chargers. Sure the Chargers could use a guy like James or convert Cam Newton to a WR or become a more physical defense with Nick Fairley at DE. However, James is likely staying in school, the Chargers are not going to draft Cam Newton and Nick Fairley will be long gone before the Chargers pick or the draft even gets to a pick the Chargers could trade up to. Instead the focus is on some of the supporting cast and the role players in this game that could find themselves with lightning bolts on their helmets next year.

BFTB Scouting Targets:
Player School Pos. Class Height Weight
LaMichael James Oregon RB So. 5'8 185 lbs
Explosive, highly productive back who could turn his eyes to the NFL, especially after a win in this game. He's got the speed and hands you like in a RB, but he's very raw. He'll have to learn about pass blocking and a whole new offensive system. He's also an undersized back, which some teams shy away from. I don't think the Chargers would necessarily take him and I don't think he's going to declare, but he's worth checking out. 3rd round pick. Original Writeup
Casey Matthews Oregon ILB Sr. 6'1 241 lbs
He's brother of Packers OLB Clay Matthews and, like his brother, could fit in a 3-4 linebacker. He plays with intensity and works hard to make plays all over the field. His run stopping skills are probably more valuable that his pass rushing ones and he's a bit too slow to be cover RBs in the flats so, unlike his brother, ILB might be his future position. There aren't many ILBs in this draft class, so while he grades as a late round pick it would be a surprise to see him go higher. Original Writeup
Lee Ziemba Auburn OT Sr. 6'5 320 lbs
Not the prettiest blocker because of some of his false steps and technique lapses, but he's got the quickness to make up for it. He does have good recognition skills and has the speed to get out in front of a back if he's pulling. Not a mauler, more of a finesse blocker. 3rd round pick.
Mario Fannin Auburn RB Sr. 5'10 230 lbs
He may look like a bigger back, but he's got the skills to be a 3rd down back. You can line him up in the slot and he'll make catches and run good routes. A very willing blocker that can keep the QBs jersey clean. He's quick for his size and it'll be interesting to see what his Speed Score is. He doesn't have breakaway speed and he doesn't finish his runs too well, but he has enough to contribute in the NFL. Might be a real nice steal for the Chargers a 3rd string back that contributes on special teams. 5th or 6th round pick.
Josh Bynes Auburn ILB Sr. 6'2 235 lbs
Looking at him on the field, it would surprise some that he only weighs 235. He carries his weight high and he's not a very fast player. That strong upper body helps him as a solid tackler. He takes good angles and was highly productive on a championship level team. You shouldn't ask him to play man to man, but he's not going to embarrass you in zone coverage. Late round pick.
NFL Prospects:
Player School Pos. Class Height Weight
Nick Fairley Auburt DT Jr. 6'4 299 lbs
Disruptive force on the interior defensive line. His focus is on shooting a gap and getting penetration. He's been mentioned in multiple mock drafts as being a target for the Broncos with the second overall pick. He grades out just a tick shy of last year's top 2 DTs Gerald McCoy and Ndamakong Suh. His stock skyrocketed after being mostly off the radar at the start of the season. Original Writeup
Cam Newton Auburn QB Jr. 6'5 248 lbs
Out of all the underclassmen in this draft, Newton is the most likely one to declare. He's had a ton of controversy surrounding his eligibility after allegations regarding deals he and his father made with schools when he was deciding where to transfer after leaving Florida. On the field, he's a dominant collegiate player to the point where I've heard analysts say they weren't sold on Auburn even being a contender for the title until they saw Newton play, but once they did they thought the team could win it all. He's a superb athlete and that shows up in his running ability. Throwing-wise he has a strong arm, but shaky mechanics. His dropbacks aren't smooth and his throws on the run are less than ideal. Still, there's a world of potential there and somebody's going to want to use a 1st round pick to try to tap into that.
Player School Pos. Class Height Weight
Jordan Holmes Oregon C Sr. 6'4 294 lbs
William Thran Oregon OT Sr. 6'6 288 lbs
Brandon Bair Oregon DT Sr. 6'6 265 lbs
Spencer Paysinger Oregon OLB Sr. 6'2 230 lbs
C.E. Kaiser Oregon OT Sr. 6'3 298 lbs
Jeffrey Maehl Oregon WR Sr. 6'0 173 lbs
Talmadge Jackson Oregon CB Sr. 5'8 185 lbs
Kenneth Rowe Oregon OLB Sr. 6'1 226 lbs
Andrew Davis Oregon WR Sr. 6'1 213 lbs
Terrell Zachery Auburn WR Sr. 5'11 208 lbs
Michael Blanc Auburn DT Sr. 6'2 289 lbs
Ryan Pugh Auburn C Sr. 6'1 293 lbs
Wes Byrum Auburn K Sr. 6'1 210 lbs
Zaccheus Etheridge Auburn S Sr. 5'11 211 lbs
Craig Stevens Auburn OLB Sr. 6'1 222 lbs
Antoine Carter Auburn DE Sr. 6'3 253 lbs
Lee Isom Auburn G Sr. 6'1 305 lbs
Mike Berry Auburn G Sr. 6'3 317 lbs
Kodi Burns Auburn RB Sr. 5'11 207 lbs
Aairon Savage Auburn CB Sr. 5'9 201 lbs

Tracking Prospects Mentioned In Previous Articles:

Prospect Name College Position Class Proj. Draft Position

Bowl Game Opponent (Date)

Graig Cooper Miami RB Sr. 6th rd Notre Dame (12/31)
Delone Carter Syracuse RB Sr. 5th rd Kansas St. (12/30) 28 car. 202 yds. 2 TDs.
Noel Devine West Virginia RB Sr. 3rd/4th rd North Carolina St. (12/28) 8 car. 50 yds. 4 rec. 21 yds. 1 fumble.
Kendall Hunter Oklahoma St. RB Sr. 3rd/4th rd Arizona (12/29) 10 car. 32 yds.
LaMichael James Oregon RB So. 2nd rd Auburn (1/10)
Dion Lewis Pittsburgh RB So. 4th rd Kentucky (1/8) 22 car. 105 yds. 1 TD. Will Enter Draft
Derrick Locke Kentucky RB Sr. 6th rd Pittsburgh (1/8) 12 car. 71 yds. 6 rec. 61 yds.
DeMarco Murray Oklahoma RB Sr. 2nd/3rd rd Connecticut (1/2) 25 car. 93 yds. 1 TD. 2 rec. -1 yds.
Jacquizz Rodgers Oregon St. RB Jr. 3rd rd Will enter the draft.
Evan Royster Penn St. WR Sr. 6th rd Florida (1/1) 20 car. 98 yds.
Brandon Saine Ohio State RB Sr. Late rds Arkansas (1/4) 4 car. 25 yds. 1 rec. 0 yds.
Shane Vereen California RB Jr. 3rd rd Will enter the draft.
Jonathan Baldwin Pittsburgh WR Jr. 1st/2nd rd Kentucky (1/8) 1 rec. 12 yds.
Armon Binns Cincinnati WR Sr. 5th rd
Justin Blackmon Oklahoma St. WR So. 1st rd Arizona (12/29) 9 rec. 117 yds. 2 TDs.
Vincent Brown San Diego St. WR Sr. 4th rd Navy (12/23) 8 rec. 165 yds. 1 TD. 1 car. -13 yds.
Ryan Broyles Oklahoma WR Jr. 2nd rd Connecticut (1/2) Returning to school.
Randall Cobb Kentucky WR Jr. 2nd-4th rd Pittsburgh (1/8) 3 car. 23 yds. 5 rec. 62 yds.
Michael Floyd Notre Dame WR Jr. 3rd rd. Miami (12/31) 6 rec. 109 yds. 2 TDs.
Jeff Fuller Texas A&M WR Jr. 3rd rd LSU (1/7) 7 rec. 83 yds.
A.J Green Georgia WR Jr. 1st rd. UCF (12/31) 8 rec. 77 yds. Will enter the draft.
Leonard Hankerson Miami WR Sr. 4th/5th rd Notre Dame (12/31) 6 rec. 71 yds. 1 TD.
Dwayne Harris East Carolina WR Sr. 4th rd Maryland (12/29) 8 rec. 68 yds. 1 car. -7 yds.
Jerrel Jernigan Troy WR Sr. 2nd rd Ohio (12/18) 7 rec. 48 yds. 1 TD. 3 car. 16 yds. 1 TD. Returned kicks and punts.
Ron Johnson USC WR Sr. 4th/5th rd
Derrell Johnson-Koulianos Iowa WR Sr. 3rd/4th rd Dismissed from team after arrest on drug chargers
Julio Jones Alabama WR Jr. 1st rd Michigan St. (1/1) 3 rec. 49 yds. 2 car. 36 yds. 1 TD. Will enter the draft.
Jeremy Kerley TCU WR Sr. 5th/6th rd Wisconsin (1/1) 6 rec. 58 yds. 1 car. 5 yds.
Greg Little North Carolina WR Sr. 2nd-4th rd NCAA ruled him permanently ineligible.
Niles Paul Nebraska WR Sr. 3rd/4th rd Washington (12/30) 3 rec. 61 yds.
Austin Pettis Boise St. WR Sr. Late rds Utah (12/22) 12 rec. 147 yds. 1 TD.
DeVier Posey Ohio State WR Jr. 2nd/3rd rd Arkansas (1/4) 3 rec. 70 yds. 1 TD.
Greg Salas Hawaii WR Sr. 4th rd Tulsa (12/24) 13 rec. 214 yds. 2 TDs.
DeMarco Sampson San Diego St. WR Sr. Late rds Navy (12/23) 2 rec. 45 yds.
Torrey Smith Maryland WR Jr. 2nd rd East Carolina (12/29) 2 rec. 10 yds. 1 car. -3 yds. Will enter the draft.
Terrance Toliver LSU WR Sr. 4th/5th rd Texas A&M (1/7) 5 rec. 112 yds. 3 TDs.
Nick Toon Wisconsin WR Jr. 4th/5th rd TCU (1/1) 3 rec. 46 yds.
Titus Young Boise St. WR Sr. 3rd/4th rd Utah (12/22) 6 rec. 64 yds. 3 car. 9 yds.
Mike McNeill Nebraska WR Sr. Late Rds Washington (12/30) 3 rec. 33 yds.
Luke Stocker Tennessee TE Sr. 4th rd North Carolina (12/30) 5 rec. 58 yds. 1 TD.
Gabe Carimi Wisconsin OT Sr.

1st/2nd rd

TCU (1/1)
Marcus Gilbert Florida OT Sr. 5th rd Penn St. (1/1)
Chris Hairston Clemson OT Sr. 3rd rd South Florida (12/31)
Jarriel King South Carolina OT Sr. 4th rd Florida St. (12/31)
Demarcus Love Arkansas OT Sr. 2nd rd Ohio State (1/4)
Jason Pinkston Pittsburgh OT Sr. 3rd rd Kentucky (1/8)
Derek Sherrod Mississippi St. OT Sr. 1st/2nd rd Michigan (1/1)
Clint Boling Georgia OT/G Sr. 3rd rd Central Florida (12/31)
James Carpenter Alabama OT/G Jr. 4th rd Michigan St. (1/1)
Orlando Franklin Miami OT/G Sr. 2nd rd Notre Dame (12/31)
Stephen Paea Oregon St. NT Sr. 1st rd
Ian Williams Notre Dame NT Sr. Late rds Miami (12/31)
Christian Ballard Iowa DE/DT Sr. 4th rd Missouri (12/28) 1 sack.
Jared Crick Nebraska DE/DT Jr. 3rd rd Washington (12/30)
Nick Fairley Auburn DE/DT Jr. 1st rd Oregon (1/10)
Jarvis Jenkins Clemson DE/DT Sr. 4th rd South Florida (12/31)
Allen Bailey Miami DE Sr. 1st rd Notre Dame (12/31)
Da'Quan Bowers Clemson DE Jr. 1st rd South Florida (12/31) Will enter the draft.
Adrian Clayborn Iowa DE Sr. 1st rd Missouri (12/28)
Cameron Heyward Ohio St. DE Sr. 1st rd Arkansas (1/4) 0.5 sacks
Cameron Jordan California DE Sr. 1st/2nd rd
Karl Klug Iowa DE Sr. 5th rd Missouri (12/28) 1 sack.
J.J. Watt Wisconsin DE Jr. 2nd rd TCU (1/1) Will enter the draft.
Pierre Allen Nebraska DE/OLB Sr. 4th rd Washington (12/30)
Jeremy Beal Oklahoma DE/OLB Sr. 2nd rd Connecticut (1/2)
Justin Houston Georgia DE/OLB Jr. 1st/2nd rd Central Florida (12/31) Will enter the draft.
Ryan Kerrigan Purdue DE/OLB Sr. 1st rd
Craig Marshall South Florida DE/OLB Sr. 4th rd Clemson (12/31)
Cliff Matthews South Carolina DE/OLB Sr. 3rd/4th rd Florida St. (12/31) 1 sack.
Dontay Moch Nevada DE/OLB Sr. 3rd rd Boston College (1/9)
Pernell McPhee Mississippi St. DE/OLB Sr. 2nd rd Michigan (1/1)
Brooks Reed Arizona DE/OLB Sr. 2nd/3rd rd Oklahoma St. (12/29)
Greg Romeus Pittsburgh DE/OLB Sr. 3rd rd Torn ACL done for the year.
Jabaal Sheard Pittsburgh DE/OLB Sr. 2nd rd Kentucky (1/8)
Kelvin Sheppard LSU DE/OLB Sr. 3rd rd Texas A&M (1/7)
Markus White Florida St. DE/OLB Sr. Late rds South Carolina (12/31)
Akeem Ayers UCLA OLB Jr. 1st rd Will enter the draft.
Bruce Carter North Carolina OLB Sr. 2nd rd Torn ACL. Will miss bowl game and probably combine.
Mark Herzlich Boston College OLB Sr. 3rd rd Nevada (1/9)
Brandon Hicks Florida OLB So. 5th rd Penn St. (1/1) 1 Int.
Von Miller Texas A&M OLB Sr. 1st rd LSU (1/7) 1 sack.
Dontay Moch Nevada OLB Sr. 3rd rd Boston College (1/9)
Jonas Mouton Michigan OLB Sr. Late rds Mississippi St. (1/1)
Kenneth Wright Mississippi St. OLB Sr. 4th rd Michigan (1/1)
Obi Ezeh Michigan ILB Sr. Late rds Mississippi St. (1/1)
Dont'a Hightower Alabama ILB So. 2nd/3rd rd Michigan St. (1/1) Returning to school.
Ross Homan Ohio State ILB Sr. 4th rd Arkansas (1/4)
Mike Mohamed California ILB Sr. Late rds
Nate Irving North Carolina St. ILB Sr. 3rd rd West Virginia (12/28)
Greg Jones Michigan St. ILB Sr. 3rd rd Alabama (1/1)
Casey Matthews Oregon ILB Sr. Late rds Auburn (1/10)
Quan Sturdivant North Carolina ILB Sr. 2nd rd Tennessee (12/30) 1 sack and 1 Int.
Chris White Mississippi St. ILB Sr. Late rds Michigan (1/1)
Alex Wujciak Maryland ILB Sr. 4th rd East Carolina (12/29)
Mason Foster Washington LB Sr. 4th rd Nebraska (12/30)
Travis Lewis Oklahoma LB Jr. 2nd rd Connecticut (1/2) Returning to school.
Colin McCarthy Miami LB Sr. 3rd rd Notre Dame (12/31)
Prince Amukamara Nebraska CB Sr. 1st rd Washington (12/30)
Chykie Brown Texas CB Sr. 4th rd Broken forearm. Done for season.
Curtis Brown Texas CB Sr. 2nd rd
Rashad Carmichael Virginia Tech CB Sr. 3rd rd Stanford (1/3)
Chimdi Chekwa Ohio State CB Sr. 3rd/4th rd Arkansas (1/4)
Marcus Gilchrist Clemson CB Sr. 3rd rd South Florida (12/31)
Brandon Harris Miami CB Jr. 2nd rd Notre Dame (12/31)
Brandon Hogan West Virginia CB Sr. 5th rd North Carolina St. (12/28)
Janoris Jenkins Florida CB Jr. 1st rd Penn St. (1/1) Returning to school.
Patrick Peterson LSU CB Jr. 1st rd Texas A&M (1/7) Will enter the draft.
Chris L. Rucker Michigan St. CB Sr. 5th rd Alabama (1/1)
Devon Torrence Ohio State CB Sr. 5th rd Arkansas (1/4) 1 FF.
Aaron Williams Texas CB Jr. 2nd rd Will enter the draft.
Shareece Wright USC CB Sr. 4th rd
Mark Barron Alabama S Jr. 2nd/3rd rd Torn pectoral muscle. Will miss bowl game.
Ahmed Black Florida S Sr. 4th rd Penn St. (1/1) 1 PBU, 2 Ints. and 1 Int. returned for 80 yd TD.
Quinton Carter Oklahoma S Sr. 2nd rd Connecticut (1/2)
Eric Hagg Nebraska S Sr. 5th rd Washington (12/30)
Will Hill Florida S Jr. 5th rd Penn St. (1/1) 1 PBU. Will enter the draft.
Jermale Hines Ohio St. S Sr. Late rds Arkansas (1/4)
DeAndre McDaniel Clemson S Sr. 3rd rd South Florida (12/31)
Rahim Moore UCLA S Jr. 2nd rd Will enter the draft. Best cover safety prospect. Should be a bigtime target for Chargers.
Robert Sands West Virginia S Jr. 2nd rd North Carolina St. (12/28) 1 sack. Will enter the draft.
Deunta Williams North Carolina S Sr. 3rd rd Tennessee (12/30)
Troy Woolfork Michigan S Sr. Late rds Mississippi St. (1/1)