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BFTB Scouting: College Bowl Games Part 6 (New Year's Day)

The potent Alabama offensive attack that features Julio Jones and Mark Ingram should lead the Crimson Tide to victory and propel these two players into the 1st round. (Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images)
The potent Alabama offensive attack that features Julio Jones and Mark Ingram should lead the Crimson Tide to victory and propel these two players into the 1st round. (Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images)
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Featured Game
Capital One Bowl
(9-3) vs Michigan St.
(11-1) Saturday 1/1 10:00 AM PT (ESPN)

One storyline for this game is going to be Alabama Head Coach Nick Saban playing the team where his coaching career first took off. Another will be a Michigan St. team who lost out on the Rose Bowl due to tie-breakers getting a chance to prove their worth against the defending the champs. This is also a team that saw their Head Coach Mark Dantonio, and assistant under Saban at Michigan St., suffer a mild heart attack after a gutsy overtime fake goal call that resulted in a win over Notre Dame. Meanwhile Alabama will put out their vast array of NFL ready players on offense and defense for their last hurrah before they reload for next season.

Alabama's offensive attack starts with sleeper prospect Senior QB Greg McElroy. He's a good distributor of the football with good accuracy and will look to find standout Junior WR (and probable 1st round pick) Julio Jones. He can also go with his complimentary WRs Senior Darius Hanks and speedy Junior Marquis Maze who are both effective options. He also has passing options at RB with both Junior Heisman Trophy winner Mark Ingram and Sophomore Trent Richardson. Both those backs are also big threats in the run game and will knock you over and take it to the house. In charge of stopping all of this is the Spartans Senior leader on defenser MLB Greg Jones although it may be too much for him to handle alone. Senior CB Chris L. Rucker will get the responsibility of trying to hold Julio Jones in check.

Junior QB Kirk Cousins leads the Spartan attack. He'll get a little bit of a break because Junior Safety and potential 2nd or 3rd pick Mark Barron will miss this game with a torn pectoral muscle. However, he'll also be missing Junior WR B.J. Cunningham who had 600 yards and 9 TDs this season. He'll still have Senior WR Mark Dell and Senior TE Charlie Gantt to work with as well as a running game that has feature back Sophomore Edwin Baker and solid complimentary backs Freshman Le'Veon Bell and Sophomore Larry Caper. The Alabama defense is strong up the middle with Jr. top draft pick prospect DT Marcell Dareus and their now healthy Sophomore ILB Dont'a Hightower, but will have trouble manufacturing an edge pass rush. They'll also be very young in their secondary.

The Crimson Tide should probably pull this game out with their strong offense, but it could be a close exciting one.

BFTB Scouting Targets:
Player School Pos. Class Height Weight
Julio Jones
Alabama WR Jr. 6'4 211 lbs
Big bodied WR that can still run well. He becomes a huge problem for defenses when he goes deep because he can run, establish position and make the tough catch and he can do it in big moments. His size and decent hands also make him useful in the short and intermediate game. He's also a good and willing run blocker. He's active in the community and a good citizen. He still needs to work on his hands and his ability to separate. 1st round pick. Original Writeup
Dont'a Hightower Alabama ILB
So. 6'3 256 lbs
A red-shirt sophomore who missed most of the 2009 season with a knee injury. He's similar to former teammate Rolando McClain, but not quite the playmaker or leader. His speed isn't great. He studies tape and knows defensive tendencies. He's disciplined in his role. Takes good angles and plays under control. Not a big hitter. 2nd or 3rd round pick if he comes out.
James Carpenter Alabama OT/G Sr. 6'4 288 lbs
Plays LT for Alabama, but projects as a G or possibly a RT. Better run blocker than a pass blocker where he needs work identifying blitzers as well the other types of pass rushing tricks. He does have some lateral quickness that could help him as pulling guard. He's strong, but could use some added bulk. 4th rounder.
Greg Jones Michigan St. ILB Sr. 6'1 237 lbs
A great leader who shows a lot of toughness. He's a powerful open field tackler. Good sideline-to-sideline range and can pursue well while shedding blockers. However, he needs to work on his awareness of cuts blocks, he needs some better gap discipline, he needs to work on his pursuit angles and can sometimes be out of position if he loses sight of the ball. These aren't deal breakers here, he's just a guy with a lot of talent that needs to be coached up. He's also had some very productive games against top competition this year. 3rd round pick. Original Writeup
Chris L. Rucker Michigan St. CB Sr. 6'1 196 lbs
Size and speed are both above average for his position. Some characters issues as he was suspended due to a fight on campus for which he also plead guilty to a misdemeanor and was sentenced to probation and community service. He has work to do identifying moves that allow pro receivers to get separation. His size, leaping ability and ball skills help him knock balls away and keep receivers out of position, but sometimes fails to make the big play. Inconsistent player who needs coaching, but physical ability is there. 5th round pick.
NFL Prospects:
Player School Pos. Class Height Weight
Marcell Dareus Alabama DT Jr. 6'2 303 lbs
Doesn't fit the build for the prototypical 3-4 DT or DE and he'll go too high in the draft to be a Charger. Disruptive pass rusher with a quick first step. Great hands, including one of the best swim moves you'll see in college football this year. Can move really, really fast for a big man. Top 10, maybe top 5 pick.
Mark Ingram Alabama RB Jr. 5'10 215 lbs
2009 Hesiman trophy winner. A tough, inside the tackes runner who is a good finisher and prefers to take the shortest path. He has good vision and patience and will find holes and then make big plays by winning at the second level of the defense. Excellent receiver. 1st round pick.
Player School Pos. Class Height Weight
Preston Dial Alabama TE Sr. 6'3 240 lbs
Greg McElroy Alabama QB Sr. 6'2 228 lbs
Luther Davis Alabama DT Sr. 6'2 276 lbs
Darius Hanks Alabama WR Sr. 6'0 185 lbs
Mark Dell Michigan St. WR Sr. 6'0 193 lbs
Charlie Gantt Michigan St. TE Sr. 6'4 251 lbs
Eric Gordon Michigan St. S Sr. 6'0 226 lbs
Oren Wilson Michigan St. DT Sr. 6'2 298 lbs
Curtis Young Michigan St. OT Sr. 6'4 314 lbs

Other Games
Ticketcity Bowl
Northwestern (7-5) vs Texas Tech (7-5) Saturday 1/1 9:00 AM PT (ESPN)
Outback Bowl
Florida (7-5) vs Penn St. (7-5) Saturday 1/1 10:00 AM PT (ABC)
Progressive Gator Bowl
Miss. St. (8-4) vs Michigan (7-5) Saturday 1/1 10:30 AM PT (ESPN2)
Rose Bowl Game Presented By Vizio
Wisconsin (11-1) vs TCU (12-0) Saturday 1/1 2:00 PM PT (ESPN)
Tostitos Fiesta Bowl
Connecticut (8-4) vs Oklahoma (11-2) Saturday 1/1 5:30 PM PT (ESPN)

Ticketcity Bowl: Northwestern vs.Texas Tech
Player School Pos. Class Height Weight
Stefan Demos Northwestern K Sr. 5'8 194 lbs
Quentin Davie Northwestern OLB Sr. 6'4 230 lbs
Corbin Bryant Northwestern Dt Sr. 6'4 283 lbs
Barron Batch Texas Tech RB Sr. 5'9 202 lbs
Taylor Potts Texas Tech QB Sr. 6'3 218 lbs
Brian Duncan Texas Tech ILB Sr. 6'0 238 lbs
Colby Whitlock Texas Tech DT Sr. 6'1 299 lbs
Bront Bird Texas Tech OLB Sr. 6'3 238 lbs
Detron Lewis Texas Tech WR Sr. 5'11 211 lbs
Chris Olson Texas Tech G Sr. 6'4 286 lbs
Franklin Mitchem Texas Tech S Sr. 6'1 187 lbs
Lyle Leong Texas Tech WR Sr. 5'11 176 lbs

Outback Bowl: Florida vs. Penn State
BFTB Scouting Targets:
Player School Pos. Class Height Weight
Ahmad Black Florida S Sr. 5'9 187 lbs
He's probably too small to be a true prospect at the safety position, but he could be a quality backup. He's got good coverage skills despite his height because he's able to diagnose plays and get in the proper positions. He's even been adept at covering TEs over the middle. 4th round pick. Original Writeup
Will Hill Florida S Jr. 6'0 205 lbs
Has the athleticism, size, speed and fluidity for the position, but doesn't have the instincts or awareness yet to back it up. If he figures all that out then he could be a complete, all around safety that can play in the box, cover one-on-one and make plays on jump balls. 5th round pick.
Marcus Gilbert Florida OT Sr. 6'6 314 lbs
Big and athletic. Plays as a RT with upside as a LT due to his footwork and agility (also RT was Tim Tebow's blindside when he was there). Run blocking could use work. 5th round pick.
Brandon Hicks Florida OLB Sr. 6'1 222 lbs
Athletic and slightly undersized he'll need to bulk up for the next level. He probably could play either OLB or ILB in the 3-4. He does well in coverage, but he's also got the burst to go after the QB and get a sack. Has good fundamentals and even at his size as the strength to make violent hits. He's a project, but one that could really pay off. 5th round pick. Original Writeup
Evan Royster Penn St. RB Sr. 6'0 212 lbs
Size and speed combination are good for the running back position. Has had some injury issues, but mostly tweaks that cause him to miss time and nothing major. Runs hards. Plays well in pass protection. Good one-cut runner, but doesn't have breakaway speed. 6th round pick.
NFL Prospects:
Player School Pos. Class Height Weight
Janoris Jenkins Florida CB Jr. 5'11 189 lbs
His cover skills get the highest grade and can change directions, react to balls in the air and basically mirror his man on the field. His run support is his biggest weakness on the field and its really not much of one. He did have an altercation with the police and got arrest (and tasered) during a fight in 2009. Original Writeup
Mike Pouncey Florida G/C Sr. 6'5 309 lbs
Twin brother of Pittsburgh Steelers C Maurkice Pouncey. Moved to C this season, but struggled with shotgun snaps. Gets high grades for his awareness on the field and his character on and off of it. 1st round pick.
Stefen Wisniewski Penn St. C Sr. 6'3 293 lbs
Father and Uncle both played in the NFL. He's a good blocker and quick, but can't generate the power to push defenders around. Plays well at the line, but if you get him in space or on the move he struggles. Has shown the ability to make line line calls from the center position. 3rd round pick.
Player School Pos. Class Height Weight
Carl Johnson Florida G Sr. 6'5 358 lbs
A.J. Jones Florida OLB Sr. 6'1 228 lbs
Chas Henry Florida P Sr. 6'3 221 lbs
Lawrence Marsh Florida DT Sr. 6'4 287 lbs
Emmanuel Moody Florida RB Sr. 6'0 209 lbs
Justin Trattou Florida DE Sr. 6'3 248 lbs
Terron Sanders Florida DT Sr. 6'1 315 lbs
Maurice Hurt Florida G Sr. 6'3 317 lbs
Carl Moore Florida WR Sr. 6'2 222 lbs
Lorenzo Edwards Florida ILB Sr. 6'1 245 lbs
Kristofer Lemmens Florida DE Sr. 6'3 244 lbs
Brandon Atwine Florida DT Sr. 6'0 293 lbs
Bani Gbadyu Penn St. OLB Sr. 6'1 232 lbs
Olong Ogbu Penn St. DT Sr. 6'1 283 lbs
Graham Zug Penn St. WR Sr. 6'2 182 lbs
Elias Eliades Penn St. G Sr. 6'4 308 lbs

Progressive Gator Bowl: Mississippi State vs. Michigan
BFTB Scouting Targets:
Player School Pos. Class Height Weight
Derek Sherrod
Mississippi St.
Sr. 6'5 303 lbs
More of a finesse blocker at this point than a mauler, but still does a better job with the run than the pass. He does show ability to pull and make blocks on the run, so maybe his future is at guard. He's going to struggle initial against the bigger stronger NFL DEs. 1st or 2nd round pick. Original Writeup
Pernell McPhee
Mississippi St. DE/OLB Sr. 6'2 275 lbs
He needs work on his pass rushing moves and does not possess enough speed to consistently pressure the edge. However, he has good strength to jar blockers and get positioning. Once he has an opening he's relentless in pursuit and can close on someone very quickly. It takes two whistles to stop this guy because we wants to work and get after the football all day. He has work to do in run defense as well, but again that closing burst and high motor will carry him while getting coached up. 2nd round pick. Original Writeup
Kenneth Wright
Mississippi St. OLB
Sr. 6'3 243 lbs
A speedy athletic linebacker who has the football skills to do things like fight through traffic, make solid tackles, play some in coverage and can figure out things like when a draw or screen may be coming. He's more of a downhill runner with his speed and sometimes can be a touch slow to react. 4th round pick. Original Writeup
Chris White Mississippi St. ILB Sr. 6'2 239 lbs
A good defense like Mississippi State's needs a good middle linebacker and White anchors that position for the team. He's a tough guy and is best against the run. May have to come out on 3rd down in NFL. Late round pick. Original Writeup
Obi Ezeh Michigan ILB Sr. 6'1 238 lbs
His instincts and football knowledge help him the most as he reacts well and takes solid angles. He's not fast, but he's good enough to drop back into deep zones and not give up too much in coverage. He needs some work trying to shed blockers in traffic and holding his ground against the run, but if he plays in space he can make plays using good positioning and technique. 5th round pick. Original Writeup
Troy Woolfork Michigan S Sr. 5'11 200 lbs
Good height and speed for the safety position. Plays well on special teams coverage units. Some worries about his durability. More of a coverage safety than a guy that can play in-the-box. Late round pick.
Jonas Mouton Michigan OLB Sr. 6'2 228 lbs
He's a smallish linebacker, but he has good speed. He's an explosive hitter, but could use work on his technique and angles. His coverage ability could be an asset at the next level if developed properly. Late round pick. Original Writeup
NFL Prospects:
Player School Pos. Class Height Weight
Steve Schilling Michigan
G Sr. 6'4 300 lbs
Four year starter for the Wolverines, but missed time in almost every season so there are questions about his durability. Hard working, blue collar type player, but has exploitable weaknesses in both pass protection and run blocking. He needs to get stronger and work on his techniques, but has the building blocks of a solid guard. 3rd round pick.
Player School Pos. Class Height Weight
Aaron Feld Mississippi St. LS Sr. 6'0 231 lbs
Julio Brignone Mississippi St. C Sr. 6'1 297 lbs
Thomas Webb Mississippi St. TE Sr. 6'4 254 lbs
Leon Berry Mississippi St. WR Sr. 6'0 193 lbs
Martell Webb Michigan TE Sr. 6'4 260 lbs
Perry Dorrestein Michigan OT Sr. 6'6 307 lbs
Gregory Banks Michigan ILB Sr. 6'3 271 lbs
Adam Patterson Michigan DE Sr. 6'2 270 lbs
James Rogers Michigan WR Sr. 6'1 186 lbs

Rose Bowl Game Presented by Vizio: Wisconsin vs. Texas Christian University
BFTB Scouting Targets:
Player School Pos. Class Height Weight
Gabe Carimi
Sr. 6'6 318 lbs
Carimi can drive his man way down the field on his blocks and control the line of scrimmage in the run game. Pass blocking is a little tougher for the big man and get can beat on the edge since he struggles to attack his man as quickly as some would like. Could play either tackle spot or be a road grading guard. His senior season started to make people think he can play LT so he's looking like 1st round pick. Original Writeup
J.J. Watt
Wisconsin DE Jr. 6'5 279 lbs
Watt projects as a 3-4 DE that needs to put on some bulk, but has the right makeup for the position. He's hard working and strong and has that motor you look for to wear offensive linemen out. He can get pressure with his quick first step and a bull rush, but could develop other moves with time. 2nd round pick if he comes out. Original Writeup
Nick Toon
Jr. 6'3 211 lbs
Nick's father Al played for the Jets, so he's got those bloodlines that some teams look for. He's got great character and he's got the size and speed you need for the position. He's good a working the sideline and can make crisp cuts, but he may be lacking the burst that WRs need to beat their man and get open. 4th round pick if he comes out. Original Writeup
Jeremy Kerley TCU WR Sr. 5'9 189 lbs
Short and speedy he draws comparison to the Oakland Raiders' Jacoby Ford. He can make people miss in the open field as well as use his top end speed to get separation on a go route. He's a quality kick return with sure hands. His route running needs a lot of work and he's not the most fluid runner when he's not going in a straight line. 5th round pick, but a team with needs in the return game could take him higher.
NFL Prospects:
Player School Pos. Class Height Weight
Lance Kendricks Wisconsin TE Sr. 6'2 238 lbs
He's a little small for the position and that shows as a blocker and when trying to get separation through linebackers across the middle. He's a fluid runner and can use his shiftiness to get open and make people miss in space, but he lacks the speed to outrun defenders. Inconsistent hands. 3rd or 4th round pick.
John Moffitt Wisconsin G Sr. 6'4 319 lbs
Another clog in the Wisconsin power running machine. Would be an ideal depth pick for a team with a similar running philosophy. 5th round pick.
John Clay Wisconsin RB Sr. 6'1 248 lbs
Big back who has enough speed to keep teams from swarming him. Some could see making him a fullback that could also take goaline and short yardage carries. 5th round pick.
Marcus Cannon TCU OT/G Sr. 6'4 319 lbs
A massive offensive tackle who many see as a good fit for guard in the NFL. As with most large tackles his struggles come from handling speedy edge pass rushers that guards don't have to deal with. He's got that mean streak that NFL scouts look for in linemen. 3rd round pick.
Andy Dalton TCU QB Sr. 6'1 217 lbs
A scrappy QB who would be more of a game manager type backup or occasional starter. Does not have ideal size. One of his assets in college is as a runner whereas in the NFL they'll keep him in the pocket. Has good arm strength, but isn't going to wow anyone. Accuracy seems good, but TCU's offense doesn't have the QB throw into many tight windows. Late round pick or priority free agent.
Player School Pos. Class Height Weight
Scott Tolzien Wisconsin QB Sr. 6'1 216 lbs
Culmer St. Jean Wisconsin ILB Sr. 5'11 237 lbs
Octavius Valai Wisconsin S Sr. 5'8 207 lbs
David Gilreath Wisconsin WR Sr. 5'9 172 lbs
Niles Brinkley Wisconsin CB Sr. 5'9 196 lbs
Kyle Jefferson Wisconsin WR Sr. 6'3 184 lbs
Blake Sorenson Wisconsin S Sr. 6'0 233 lbs
Isaac Anderson Wisconsin WR Sr. 5'9 176 lbs
Wayne Daniels TCU DE/OLB Sr. 6'2 248 lbs
Alex Ibiloye TCU S Sr. 5'11 191 lbs
Jason Teague TCU CB Sr. 6'1 190 lbs
Tejay Johnson TCU S Sr. 6'0 207 lbs
Jimmy Young TCU WR Sr. 6'0 204 lbs
Rolando Melancon TCU DT Sr. 6'1 283 lbs
Curtis Thomas TCU S Sr. 5'10 215 lbs

Tostitos Fiesta Bowl: Connecticut vs. Oklahoma
BFTB Scouting Targets:
Player School Pos. Class Height Weight
Jeremy Beal
Sr. 6'3 263 lbs
More than just a pass rusher Beal seems to have the skills to become a 3-4 OLB. He's got a great motor, excellent football intelligence, strong tackling skills and above average speed for the position all on top of his nice array of pass rushing moves. He's shown some ability to cover one-on-one, which would be required at times as a 3-4 OLB, so he won't be too much of a project in that regards. 2nd round pick. Original Writeup
Travis Lewis
Oklahoma LB Jr. 6'2 232 lbs
He's has great awareness and can play in zone coverage where he can read the QB's eyes and make some plays on the ball. At the same time he can shoot through gaps to make a tackle in the running game or on the pass rush. The name of his game right is speed and awareness, but he may have to bulk up and get a little tougher at the next level. That being said, he's tough enough to have played in every game of his collegiate career so far. 2nd round pick. Original Writeup
Quinton Carter
Oklahoma S
Sr. 6'1 197 lbs
Carter is physical and he's aggressive, but he's also able to play man-to-man with a slot receiver. He's not a burner out there and his ball skills aren't perfect, however he's more than just an in-the-box hit-and-punish safety. He seems to be a good character guy because off the field he started a foundation for underprivileged kids. 2nd round pick. Original Writeup
Ryan Broyles Oklahoma WR Jr. 5'11 178 lbs
Broyles is a playmaker and was a huge part of the Oklahoma offense this season. He's been described as quick rather than fast and that skill helps him to be one of the best slot receiver prospects and a good punt returner. He's also fearless over the middle and eager to throw out a big block for a teammate. 2nd round pick. Original Writeup
Demarco Murray Oklahoma RB Sr. 6'1 217 lbs
Murray would be a good 3rd down back in the league because his abilities in the passing game are exceptional. His other skills as a running back are good, but not really complete enough to warrant becoming the main tailback for a playoff caliber team. He's also had some injury issues. 2nd or 3rd round pick. Original Writeup
NFL Prospects:
Player School Pos. Class Height Weight
Zach Hurd
G Sr. 6'6 322 lbs
Tough, hard worker who is a team captain for the Huskies. Needs work recognizing stunts, delayed blitzes etc. He's big and strong and will be tough to bill rush. Quality run blocker. 5th round pick.
Lawrence Wilson
Connecticut OLB
Sr. 6'0 220 lbs
Undersized linebacker who was proven his durability as a 3 year starter with no injuries. Plays with a good motor, closes to the ball carrier quick and is decent wrap up tackler. Has some trouble with taking the right angles, falling for play action and misdirection and dealing with bigger stronger players in space. 6th round pick.
Player School Pos. Class Height Weight
Anthony Sherman Connecticut FB Sr. 5'10 238 lbs
Scott Lutrus Connecticut ILB Sr. 6'2 238 lbs
Jonathan Nelson Oklahoma CB Sr. 5'11 182 lbs
Cory Brandon Oklahoma OT Sr. 6'7 308 lbs
Adrian Taylor Oklahoma DT Sr. 6'4 298 lbs
Brandon Caleb Oklahoma WR Sr. 6'0 192 lbs
Cameron Kenny Oklahoma WR Sr. 6'0 192 lbs

Tracking Prospects Mentioned In Previous Articles:

Prospect Name College Position Class Proj. Draft Position

Bowl Game Opponent (Date)

Graig Cooper Miami RB Sr. 6th rd Notre Dame (12/31)
Delone Carter Syracuse RB Sr. 5th rd Kansas St. (12/30) 28 car. 202 yds. 2 TDs.
Noel Devine West Virginia RB Sr. 3rd/4th rd North Carolina St. (12/28) 8 car. 50 yds. 4 rec. 21 yds. 1 fumble.
Kendall Hunter Oklahoma St. RB Sr. 3rd/4th rd Arizona (12/29) 10 car. 32 yds.
LaMichael James Oregon RB So. 2nd rd Auburn (1/10)
DeMarco Murray Oklahoma RB Sr. 2nd/3rd rd Connecticut (1/2)
Jacquizz Rodgers Oregon St. RB Jr. 3rd rd
Brandon Saine Ohio State RB Sr. Late rds Arkansas (1/4)
Shane Vereen California RB Jr. 3rd rd
Jonathan Baldwin Pittsburgh WR Jr. 1st/2nd rd Kentucky (1/8)
Armon Binns Cincinnati WR Sr. 5th rd
Justin Blackmon Oklahoma St. WR So. 1st rd Arizona (12/29) 9 rec. 117 yds. 2 TDs.
Vincent Brown San Diego St. WR Sr. 4th rd Navy (12/23) 8 rec. 165 yds. 1 TD. 1 car. -13 yds.
Ryan Broyles Oklahoma WR Jr. 2nd rd Connecticut (1/2)
Michael Floyd Notre Dame WR Jr. 3rd rd. Miami (12/31) Stock is down. May stay in school.
A.J Green Georgia WR Jr. 1st rd. UCF (12/31)
Leonard Hankerson Miami WR Sr. 4th/5th rd Notre Dame (12/31)
Dwayne Harris East Carolina WR Sr. 4th rd Maryland (12/29) 8 rec. 68 yds. 1 car. -7 yds.
Jerrel Jernigan Troy WR Sr. 2nd rd Ohio (12/18) 7 rec. 48 yds. 1 TD. 3 car. 16 yds. 1 TD. Returned kicks and punts.
Ron Johnson USC WR Sr. 4th/5th rd
Derrell Johnson-Koulianos Iowa WR Sr. 3rd/4th rd Dismissed from team after arrest on drug chargers
Julio Jones Alabama WR Jr. 1st rd Michigan St. (1/1)
Jeremy Kerley TCU WR Sr. 5th/6th rd Wisconsin (1/1)
Greg Little North Carolina WR Sr. 2nd-4th rd NCAA ruled him permanently ineligible.
Niles Paul Nebraska WR Sr. 3rd/4th rd Washington (12/30)
Austin Pettis Boise St. WR Sr. Late rds Utah (12/22) 12 rec. 147 yds. 1 TD.
DeVier Posey Ohio State WR Jr. 2nd/3rd rd Arkansas (1/4)
Greg Salas Hawaii WR Sr. 4th rd Tulsa (12/24) 13 rec. 214 yds. 2 TDs.
DeMarco Sampson San Diego St. WR Sr. Late rds Navy (12/23) 2 rec. 45 yds.
Torrey Smith Maryland WR Jr. 2nd rd East Carolina (12/29) 2 rec. 10 yds. 1 car. -3 yds.
Terrance Toliver LSU WR Sr. 4th/5th rd Texas A&M (1/7)
Nick Toon Wisconsin WR Jr. 4th/5th rd TCU (1/1)
Titus Young Boise St. WR Sr. 3rd/4th rd Utah (12/22) 6 rec. 64 yds. 3 car. 9 yds.
Mike McNeill Nebraska WR Sr. Late Rds Washington (12/30)
Luke Stocker Tennessee TE Sr. 4th rd North Carolina (12/30)
Gabe Carimi Wisconsin OT Sr.

1st/2nd rd

TCU (1/1)
Chris Hairston Clemson OT Sr. 3rd rd South Florida (12/31)
Jarriel King South Carolina OT Sr. 4th rd Florida St. (12/31)
Demarcus Love Arkansas OT Sr. 2nd rd Ohio State (1/4)
Jason Pinkston Pittsburgh OT Sr. 3rd rd Kentucky (1/8)
Derek Sherrod Mississippi St. OT Sr. 1st/2nd rd Michigan (1/1)
Clint Boling Georgia OT/G Sr. 3rd rd Central Florida (12/31)
Orlando Franklin Miami OT/G Sr. 2nd rd Notre Dame (12/31)
Stephen Paea Oregon St. NT Sr. 1st rd
Ian Williams Notre Dame NT Sr. Late rds Miami (12/31) Torn MCL. Will probably miss bowl game and combine.
Christian Ballard Iowa DE/DT Sr. 4th rd Missouri (12/28) 1 sack.
Jared Crick Nebraska DE/DT Jr. 3rd rd Washington (12/30)
Nick Fairley Auburn DE/DT Jr. 1st rd Oregon (1/10)
Jarvis Jenkins Clemson DE/DT Sr. 4th rd South Florida (12/31)
Allen Bailey Miami DE Sr. 1st rd Notre Dame (12/31)
Da'Quan Bowers Clemson DE Jr. 1st rd South Florida (12/31)
Adrian Clayborn Iowa DE Sr. 1st rd Missouri (12/28)
Cameron Jordan California DE Sr. 1st/2nd rd
Karl Klug Iowa DE Sr. 5th rd Missouri (12/28) 1 sack.
J.J. Watt Wisconsin DE Jr. 2nd rd TCU (1/1)
Pierre Allen Nebraska DE/OLB Sr. 4th rd Washington (12/30)
Jeremy Beal Oklahoma DE/OLB Sr. 2nd rd Connecticut (1/2)
Justin Houston Georgia DE/OLB Jr. 1st/2nd rd Central Florida (12/31)
Ryan Kerrigan Purdue DE/OLB Sr. 1st rd
Craig Marshall South Florida DE/OLB Sr. 4th rd Clemson (12/31)
Cliff Matthews South Carolina DE/OLB Sr. 3rd/4th rd Florida St. (12/31)
Pernell McPhee Mississippi St. DE/OLB Sr. 2nd rd Michigan (1/1)
Brooks Reed Arizona DE/OLB Sr. 2nd/3rd rd Oklahoma St. (12/29)
Greg Romeus Pittsburgh DE/OLB Sr. 3rd rd Torn ACL done for the year.
Jabaal Sheard Pittsburgh DE/OLB Sr. 2nd rd Kentucky (1/8)
Kelvin Sheppard LSU DE/OLB Sr. 3rd rd Texas A&M (1/7)
Akeem Ayers UCLA OLB Jr. 1st rd
Bruce Carter North Carolina OLB Sr. 2nd rd Torn ACL. Will miss bowl game and probably combine.
Brandon Hicks Florida OLB So. 5th rd Penn St. (1/1)
Von Miller Texas A&M OLB Sr. 1st rd LSU (1/7)
Dontay Moch Nevada OLB Sr. 3rd rd Boston College (1/9)
Jonas Mouton Michigan OLB Sr. Late rds Mississippi St. (1/1)
Kennth Wright Mississippi St. OLB Sr. 4th rd Michigan (1/1)
Obi Ezeh Michigan ILB Sr. Late rds Mississippi St. (1/1)
Ross Homan Ohio State ILB Sr. 4th rd Arkansas (1/4)
Mike Mohamed California ILB Sr. Late rds
Nate Irving North Carolina St. ILB Sr. 3rd rd West Virginia (12/28)
Greg Jones Michigan St. ILB Sr. 3rd rd Alabama (1/1)
Casey Matthews Oregon ILB Sr. Late rds Auburn (1/10)
Quan Sturdivant North Carolina ILB Sr. 2nd rd Tennessee (12/30)
Chris White Mississippi St. ILB Sr. Late rds Michigan (1/1)
Alex Wujciak Maryland ILB Sr. 4th rd East Carolina (12/29)
Mason Foster Washington LB Sr. 4th rd Nebraska (12/30)
Travis Lewis Oklahoma LB Jr. 2nd rd Connecticut (1/2)
Colin McCarthy Miami LB Sr. 3rd rd Notre Dame (12/31)
Prince Amukamara Nebraska CB Sr. 1st rd Washington (12/30)
Chykie Brown Texas CB Sr. 4th rd Broken forearm. Done for season.
Curtis Brown Texas CB Sr. 2nd rd
Rashad Carmichael Virginia Tech CB Sr. 3rd rd Stanford (1/3)
Chimdi Chekwa Ohio State CB Sr. 3rd/4th rd Arkansas (1/4)
Marcus Gilchrist Clemson CB Sr. 3rd rd South Florida (12/31)
Brandon Harris Miami CB Jr. 2nd rd Notre Dame (12/31)
Brandon Hogan West Virginia CB Sr. 5th rd North Carolina St. (12/28)
Janoris Jenkins Florida CB Jr. 1st rd Penn St. (1/1)
Patrick Peterson LSU CB Jr. 1st rd Texas A&M (1/7)
Aaron Williams Texas CB Jr. 2nd rd
Shareece Wright USC CB Sr. 4th rd
Mark Barron Alabama S Jr. 2nd/3rd rd Torn pectoral muscle. Will miss bowl game.
Ahmed Black Florida S Jr. 4th rd Penn St. (1/1)
Quinton Carter Oklahoma S Sr. 2nd rd Connecticut (1/2)
Eric Hagg Nebraska S Sr. 5th rd Washington (12/30)
Jermale Hines Ohio St. S Sr. Late rds Arkansas (1/4)
DeAndre McDaniel Clemson S Sr. 3rd rd South Florida (12/31)
Rahim Moore UCLA S Jr. 2nd rd Most likely returning to school.
Robert Sands West Virginia S Jr. 2nd rd North Carolina St. (12/28) 1 sack.
Deunta Williams North Carolina S Sr. 3rd rd Tennessee (12/30)