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Chargers Sign Veteran QB J.T. O'Sullivan

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The Chargers announced they have signed veteran quarterback J.T. O'Sullivan, currently a free agent, to a one-year contract.  O'Sullivan will join the team on Tuesday, when a corresponding roster move will be made to make room for him.

Originally drafted out of UC Davis in 2002 as a sixth-round pick by the New Orleans Saints, he's bounced around the league in eight seasons, even spending some time in Europe. He last played for the Cincinnati Bengals last season, where in three games and went 4-of-11 for 40 yards, no touchdowns and no interceptions.

It seems with Crompton on the Practice Squad, the team wasn't too keen on only carrying two quarterbacks on the active roster.  O'Sullivan will presumably join the team as the number-3 quarterback, backing up the greatest backup there ever was in Billy Volek.

However, why the Chargers want to carry 4 quarterbacks is beyond me.  Especially since they only have Volek and O'Sullivan for just this year.