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Legedu Naanee Joins the BFTB Family

Everyone, I'd like you to meet BFTB's newest contributor. That's him over there on the right making the over-the-shoulder catch. I'm sure you all know him, he's a starting WR for the San Diego Chargers and his name is Legedu Naanee.

A little background before we get to details. As someone who has met players, heard stories about players and been inside the locker room, I have friends, family and Chargers fans in general asking me all the time about players. Who's nice, who's not, who's loud, who's shy, what's this guy like, etc. I haven't had the chance to meet or interview every player on the team, obviously, but I've met enough that I usually have an answer when queried about them.

About a month ago someone asked me about Legedu, and when I said I had never met or talked to him they said "You should, he's probably the nicest guy on the team." This would be standard fare for any player on the team, except that over the course of the last month I've had the same conversation with 3 other people and all of them sang Naanee's praises to me as a "normal, nice guy."

This morning I was informed that Legedu wanted to get involved with BFTB. Pretty awesome, right? After hearing about what a great guy he is, and being a big fan of his for the last few seasons, I know I'm excited. So here's what we got planned:

  • Each week Legedu will be doing a Q&A with me and I'll post it here. Expect them on Tuesday or Wednesday of each week, starting next week. If you're familiar with Silver & Black Pride's Talkin' with Tyvon series, you know what to expect. Feel free to come up with a nickname for our Q&A series in the comments below.
  • We're kicking off the festivities by having Legedu on the BFTB Podcast tonight (listen here) which will run from 7-8pm Pacific. And no, I'm not a tease. He'll be on and chatting at about 7:15 until whenever he gets tired of me or has to go. Any questions you want me to ask him during the podcast should also go in the comments below.
  • Legedu, like most of us, is starting to get addicted to Twitter and Facebook. After shutting down his Twitter account before last season, he's started up a new one and is getting better about putting up lots of new messages and interacting with fans. Follow him on Twitter here. He already updates his Facebook page frequently already, make sure you check out his Facebook page here.