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Pacstud's O-Line Analysis: Seahawks

Unfortunately, the offensive line played their worst game of the season overall.  Dombo showed us the inconsistency of a young player in giving up two sacks, numerous pressures, and struggled somewhat in the run game.  He still was decent overall, but definitely his worst game this season.  Green was very much in over his head, which is to be expected on emergency duty.  Let's hope a full week of practice helps him.  He did settle in and made some good plays as the game went on. 

Clary was his usual reliable self.  A mistake here or there, nothing too spectacular in the pass protection game, but very good overall.  His inside game run blocking was especially effective.

The star of the game was Dielman.  Without a doubt, I thought he played his best game in a very long time.  He was pancaking, pulling, sealing, and his double teams with Hardwick were beautiful.  Great job.  Hardwick also played at a high level and made very few mistakes.

For the play by play breakdown, follow the link after the jump.  I will continue to add diagrams and am very close to having a "number cruncher" on staff to give you stat geeks something to chew on.  Enjoy!

Sorry for any typos, problems...still working out kinks on new system. Should have diagrams inserted by tomorrow. Looking to show our outside T Lead play and I'll break down the Iso play we used steadily against the Hags.