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OT: Chargers at Seahawks, 2nd Half

Seahawks 10, Chargers 0 (And San Diego is lucky that it's that close)

If you ever wanted to know why people who dislike Norv Turner dislike Norv Turner, that half would be a very good example. This is probably not the team that will be smoking their opponents in November and December, this is a team that seems undisciplined and generally confused even though it's the same system and same players on the field for the last few years.

Just about the only person that had a good 1st half was Malcom Floyd. Philip Rivers needs to get more time, and he probably will in the 2nd half (remember, this team gets better in the 2nd half). Mike Tolbert needs to get out of his own head, and strap his helmet on tighter.

Ron Rivera needs to realize that the team that was getting pressure on Matt Hasselbeck early on is not the team he has right now, because the pass-rush disappeared when Shawne Merriman left the field. He needs to start blitzing more.

Everyone else needs to focus on having two hands on the ball. Tyronne Green needs to focus on not getting any more false starts.

The funny thing is, after this half I would freely admit that the team misses Marcus McNeill. Luckily, he's on the way.


Go Chargers. BELIEVE.