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Here's the games you should keep an eye on:
  • 49ers at Chiefs - The surprisingly 0-2 49ers take on the surprisingly 2-0 Chiefs at Arrowhead. Oh boy.
  • Titans at Giants - These are two interesting teams. This game will help to answer "Is the Titans' D overrated?" and "Is the Giants' offense overrated?"
  • Falcons at Saints - Two potential playoff teams, and the Falcons were one of two teams to beat the Saints in 2009. This game should be fiery and good.
  • Cowboys at Texans - Not only is this one of the better, and least-talked-about, rivalries in football, but these are two pretty good teams that will probably make for the best of the early games. I think there's something wrong with Jason Garrett. Every year he comes out with a complicated offense that can't do anything, and finally goes "Screw it, I'm running it 50 times a game" and the offense turns around. Next year? (Heck, sometimes a few weeks later) He does the exact same thing.