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Pacstud's O-Line Analysis: Jaguars

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Some changes you will notice. First, I'm using a simple website to post my entire breakdown. As I try to get this out to as many people as possible, it is going to be much easier for me to just post a link, than to cut and paste the entire breakdown. Second, I am going to steadily add diagrams. I already have some up for the KC game, and will have the Jaguar's game diagrams up tomorrow. So after the jump, just click and go. Enjoy O-Line fans!

2010 Offensive Line Analysis and Grading

Chargers Regular Season Week 2

Opponent: Jacksonville Jaguars

Date: September 19, 2010

Drive 1

1. 1-10; -26

Pro Twins Lt.

29 Toss

LT- 2 LG- 2 C- 2 RG- 2 RT- 2

Dombo has a nice kick out. Legs and Floyd both are unable to secure blocks and GMP. Dielman gets to the LB but has his legs taken out by Floyd after M80 misses the Will. We are using Outside Zone on this play, so a great chance to learn about that. The two combos are Dielman and Hardwick, Vasquez and Clary. The covered men (Dielman and Vasquez) execute a "rip and reach" to open up and turn the man covering them. After ripping, the reach the second level to block the LB. The uncovered men (Hardwick and Clary) execute a "pull/overtake". They take a small pull step, get on their partner’s hip, and overtake the turned man. Vasquez and Clary demonstrate this wonderfully in this instance.

2. 2-4; -32

Pro Twins Lt. Y-Open Weak

70 PA Pro Max

LT- 2 LG- 2 C- 2 RG- 2 RT- 2

X stunts on both sides, both handled well.

For the entire breakdown: