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BFTB Scouting: College Football Week 4

Week 3 recap:

I didn't get to watch a lot of games due to some traveling this weekend. I watched the Purdue-Ball State game in its entirety and then I watch a lot of different games at different points in various states of sobriety and attention levels. Old school scouting is what I like call that.

  • Clemson Safety DeAndre McDaniel impressed me in every way that I thought he would. He was strong in run support and played in the box. He looked decent in coverage and then looked great when he intercepted as a pass catching it at the highest point in his jump.
  • Going 4-20 passing against the stingy Nebraska defense isn't necessarily going to change the minds of scouts about Washington QB Jake Locker. That's both good and bad. Good for him because he still has a shot at that #1 overall pick. Bad for him because this was an opportunity to make the Bills (or insert another struggling NFL franchise in line for a top pick that also need a QB here) salivate for you and that didn't happen. It doesn't matter too much for the Chargers though except that they play the Bills next year and it seems like the Raiders may want a QB in this draft.

Here's the matchups I'm focusing on for week 4:

Miami (1-1) vs Pittsburgh (1-1) - Thursday 9/23 4:30 PT (ESPN)

Alabama (3-0) vs Arkansas (3-0) - Saturday 9/25 12:30 PT (CBS)

Oklahoma (3-0) vs Cincinnati (1-2) - Saturday 9/25 3:00 PT (ESPN2)

Oregon St. (1-1) vs Boise St. (2-0) - Saturday 9/25 5:00 PT (ABC)

Every week I'll also ask all of you to please share what games you'll be watching and what players you'd think would look good in blue and gold or just generally impressed/disappointed you.

Miami - I talked about "The U" back in week 2 of the college football season. Well they're back. They're playing Pittsburgh, who runs a system on offense and defense very close to an NFL system so its a good week to check back in. We're still tracking Leonard Hankerson and Brandon Harris as Chargers prospects. We're still tracking Jacory Harris as an interesting college QB to watch even though his Heisman chances decreased after his performance vs. Ohio St. And, I'd still like to point out two other top prospects in DE Allen Bailey, who will probably go in the first half of the first round, and RB Graig Cooper who should be a high round pick.

Pittsburgh - Many of you will remember Dave Wannstedt from his days as Defensive Coordinator for the Dallas Cowboys, his days as Head Coach of the Chicago Bears and his days doing both roles for the Miami Dolphins. He's been a Pitt for a while now and like I said earlier runs his offense and defense with styles that are similar to the NFL. Scouts love this. Pitt has a long history of very good NFL players (Tony Dorsett, Dan Marino, Russ Grimm, Larry Fitzgerald, Curtis Martin, Darrelle Revis, etc.) and have a handful currently playing that could add to that list.

Jonathan Baldwin, WR, Sophomore, 6'5, 224 lbs (1st or 2nd round) - He's big, he's strong and he's deceptively fast. He makes easy catches, he makes hard catches, he makes clutch catches, he makes amazing catches. He's competitive, he's a hard worker, he's never hurt. So, he could work on his route running and he got arrested once for indecent assault, summary harassment and summary disorderly conduct (chargers dismissed)? I like him and I'm pretty sure he's going to declare for the draft as a redshirt sophomore.

Greg Romeus, DE/OLB, Senior, 6'5, 265 lbs (1st or 2nd round) - Can you say Shawne Merriman without the PEDs and the Hollywood attitude? Well maybe, he definitely has a lot of those skills, but is maybe a tick below in the talent department. However, you read his scouting report and all the things he does well are the same stuff our former Pro Bowler would do. He's got a good test here since he'll be matched up with one of the best OTs in the country in Orlando Franklin. Last year he struggled against future 49er Anthony Davis, so this is a chance for redemption.

Jason Pinkston, OT, Senior, 6'3, 308 lbs (2nd or 3rd round) - Pinkston doesn't have the perfect physique for an offensive tackle and maybe there's something to what some are saying about his lack of motivation in the weight room. What he does have is great awareness on the field and can pick up his blocks on the fly better than anyone. He'll need some coaching up at the next level for sure. This is a stiff test this week and he may get overmatched by Allen Bailey, but if not then his stock may be on the rise.

Dion Lewis, RB, Sophomore, 5'7, 195 lbs (3rd round) - One of my favorite players to watch last season. Now, he's not draft eligible and the Chargers probably aren't interested, but I don't care. He's just a different kind of player than you normally see. His ability to cut back and feel for holes is just amazing. He also keeps his legs moving and can take on multiple tacklers. He's like Michael Turner or Mike Tolbert inside Darren Sproles' body, but with better vision and moves. Maybe I'm overselling him, but he can make my jaw drop just by watching a 5 yard run come from nothing.

Jabaal Sheard, DE/OLB, Senior, 6'2, 252 lbs (Mid to Late Rounds) - I don't have to speculate about Sheard being a 3-4 OLB at the next level because that's already what the scouts are saying he'll have to be. He's a hustler, but he's just not quite quick enough or strong enough to really create mismatches at the next level. What he will probably do is hustle his butt off on special, work his way into the defensive rotation (maybe because of an injury or two) and make coaches want to keep him around. He's kind of a mixed bad off the field. Once he saved a woman from a burning building, but he also had to be had to be physically stopped with violence by the police to break up a fight he was involved in.

Alabama - The Crimson Tide are another return visit to our scouting and were looked at originally in week 2. I am still in love with S Mark Barron, but he might be playing his way up into the middle of the first round (or higher), which would probably keep him out of reach for the Chargers. WR Julio Jones is impressing everyone with his talents at the position and his great production. There are a number of great WR prospects in the draft so he still could be someone the Chargers could snag. Marcell Dareus is ticketed for the high first round, but he missed the last game I profile and will be on the field for this one.

Arkansas - The Razorbacks have started the season undefeated and get to challenge the defending champs early in this 2010 college season. The profile of this team was raised when QB Ryan Mallett started asserting himself as a top prospect and potential challenger for the top QB to be taken in the 2010 draft. They also have an OT that could garner some interest by the Bolts. Arkansas also has one of the better pass catching TEs in D.J. Williams who can keep an eye on, but I won't be profiling him.

Ryan Mallett, QB, Junior, 6'7, 238 lbs (1st round) - One of the top QB prospects in the nation and he'll get to face one of the top defenses in the nation. As you read in my notes on Jake Locker, that didn't go so well when that happened last week for the Washington QB. I can't say that I expect an amazing performance from Mallett, but I would like to see his tools on display. Scouts love his arm strength, but he's also been praised for his poise in the pocket, his production in pro style offenses and quickness and athleticism both in the pocket and out of it. He needs to be more consistently accurate and not fall into traps the defense sets up for him.

Demarcus Love, OT, Senior, 6'4, 313 lbs (1st or 2nd round) - Looking at his height and weight you can tell he has the prototypical size for the position. He does, however, lack some athleticism that the NFL LT position may require. That's okay because he has some college experience on the right side and the Chargers could use a RT. On the other hand, the Chargers may not want to draft a RT so high. He's been described as a quiet, hard worker and as a better pass blocker than a run blocker. The Alabama defense should keep him busy on Saturday.

Oklahoma - The theme of this week is obviously return visits to the column. Oklahoma got some love here back in week 2. Oklahoma has so much quality talent for the Chargers to look at its worth taking a second peek. Also, they are playing a team in Cincinnati that was already profiled and could use a second look at one of their prospects. As a refresher on the Sooners, I love Travis Lewis as a potential ILB for Blue and Gold. I also like S Quinton Carter as a non-first round pick and their WR Ryan Broyles fits in as a 2nd tier WR in the draft that can also return kicks.

Cincinnati - The Bearcats haven't quite got their legs under them as they are adjusting to their new head coach and new QB. I profiled them last week and talked about WR Armon Binns. Binns is doing the best he can to keep the offense chugging along and gets a really big test against the Oklahoma defense. I don't expect Cincinnati to put up much of a fight, but I would like to see Binns be a standout for the probable losing team.

Oregon St. - Nothing has really changed for the Beavers since I looked at them in week 1. The still have the Rodgers brothers making plays and, as expected, its Jacquizz Rodgers that catches most scouts' eyes. As I mention below he was a beast against Louisville and will most likely cause problems for Boise St. this weekend. DT/DE Stephen Paea will be key in this game for causing disruption on the Boise St. line. You'd like to see him stand out a little in order to feel good about taking him in a high round.  

Boise St. - In week 1 when we checked in with Boise St. I only mentioned an offensive lineman Nate Potter. This time around the focus is on their two WRs. Austin Pettis has stood out in every game this season and teammate Titus Young is also a pro prospect. Nate Potter on the other hand struggled at LT and really doesn't look like he'd be more than an OG at the next level, which isn't something the Chargers are looking for.


Tracking Prospects Mentioned In Previous Articles:

Prospect Name College Position Week 4 Opponent Notes
Jacquizz Rodgers Oregon St. RB Boise St.
Carried a heavy load vs. Louisville. 24 carries, 132 yds 2 TDs
Armon Binns Cincinnati WR Oklahoma 6 catches for 95 yds vs. NC State.
Ryan Broyles Oklahoma WR Cincinnati 10 catches for 116 yds vs. Air Force.
Michael Floyd Notre Dame WR Stanford
6 catches for 81 yds and 2 TDs vs. Mich. St.
Leonard Hankerson Miami WR Pittsburgh
Julio Jones Alabama WR Arkansas 5 catches , 106 yds and 1 TD vs. Duke
Greg Little North Carolina WR Rutgers
Not yet cleared to play next game, but practicing with the team.
Niles Paul Nebraska WR South Dakota St. Only 1 catch vs. Washington, but QB only completed 7 passes.
Austin Pettis Boise St. WR Oregon St.
3 catches for 88 yards, 1 TD and a 58 yard catch and run vs Wyoming.
DeVier Posey Ohio State WR E. Michigan
5 catches for 62 yds.
Terrence Toliver LSU WR West Virginia
3 catches for 35 yds.
Jared Crick Nebraska DE/DT South Dakota St.
Stephen Paea Oregon St. DE/DT Boise St.
Ian Williams Notre Dame DE/DT Stanford
Ryan Kerrigan Purdue DE/OLB Toledo
Still playing at a high level and producing.
Da'Quan Bowers Clemson DE/OLB Bye
Ross Homan Ohio State ILB E. Michigan
Interception with 7 yd return vs. Ohio.
Nate Irving North Carolina St. ILB Georgia Tech
Greg Jones Michigan St. ILB Northern Colorado
Quan Sturdivant North Carolina ILB Rutgers
Travis Lewis Oklahoma LB Cincinnati Faces good spread offense and will be challenged in coverage.
Colin McCarthy Miami LB Pittsburgh
Prince Amukamara Nebraska CB South Dakota St.
Rashad Carmichael Virginia Tech CB Boston College
Chimdi Chekwa Ohio State CB E. Michigan
Marcus Gilchrist Clemson CB Bye
Brandon Harris Miami CB Pittsburgh
Patrick Peterson LSU CB Mississippi St.
Mark Barron Alabama S Arkansas
Quinton Carter Oklahoma S Cincinnati
DeAndre McDaniel Clemson S Bye Interception against Auburn
Deunta Williams North Carolina S Rutgers
Not yet cleared to play next game, but practicing with the team.