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Success & Stop Rates: Chargers vs. Jaguars

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The Chargers thoroughly thrashed the Jaguars on Sunday and although the thrashing was largely a result of big plays (six takeaways) the stop rate still reflects a rather dominating defensive performance.

On offense, the Chargers success rates are less impressive.  The Philip Rivers-led passing game was as effective as ever at an even 60% success rate, which is more impressive still when you consider that the offense relies very little on short passes.  The running game is where there is less to celebrate.  After a first drive comprised of six consecutive successful plays (five of which were runs) the offense only managed six more successful rushes on 24 attempts.  Some of these runs were just to run clock at the end of the game, but removing those wouldn't make the numbers much prettier.  The lack of a consistent running threat is a little worrisome, but perhaps can be forgiven with Ryan Mathews spending most of the game on the sideline.

What more can be said about the defense?  They were truly dominant.  David Garrard and the Jaguars offense might not be great, but they're also not as bad as the Chargers defense made them look.  Six takeaways is just an obscene statistic, but the defense was not just about big plays.  The defense didn't post a stop rate below 50% on any down or in any quarter and they posted significantly higher numbers in overall.  They were also equally stout against both the run and the pass.  You really couldn't ask for more. 
Antoine Cason was the star of the game and he did tie for the team lead in Stops.  The co-leader was Kevin Burnett, who is also the overall leader through two games.  Brandon Siler, who also earned a lot of attention, was third on the team after not registering any Stops in week one.

Offensive Success Rate:

Overall 49.2%
Pass 60.0%
Run 37.9% 1st Down 46.7%
2nd Down 52.4%
3rd Down 50.0% 1stPass 75.0%
1stRun 36.4%
2ndPass 53.3%
2ndRun 50.0%
3rdPass 57.1%
3rdRun 0.0% 1st Quarter 66.7%
2nd Quarter 42.9%
3rd Quarter 33.3%
4th Quarter 45.5%


1stPass 75.0%
1stRun 60.0%
2ndPass 53.3%
2ndRun 16.7%
3rdPass 40.0%
3rdRun 25.0%
4thPass 100.0%
4thRun 33.3%


Defensive Stop Rate:

Overall 56.7%
Pass 56.8%
Run 56.5%

1st Down 60.0%
2nd Down 54.5%
3rd Down 50.0%
4th Down 66.7% 1stPass 52.9%
1stRun 69.2%
2ndPass 66.7%
2ndRun 28.6%
3rdPass 44.4%
3rdRun 66.7%
4thPass 66.7% 1st Quarter 55.6%
2nd Quarter 69.2%
3rd Quarter 52.6%
4th Quarter 53.8% 1stPass 50.0%
1stRun 60.0%
2ndPass 71.4%
2ndRun 66.7%
3rdPass 53.8%
3rdRun 50.0%
4thPass 55.0%
4thRun 50.0%