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Poll: NFL Victory of the Week

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Same song, different week. The Chargers get a win this week, but unfortunately you cannot vote for them because it was more of the "blowing out a bad team"-type of win than one of the nail-biters, or victories of good teams, below.

I am a sucker for a Quarterback controversy as long as it's not happening to the San Diego Chargers. I love the fact that Brett Favre has been so bad that the team is thinking about benching him. I love that Michael Vick looked like an all-pro QB against the Lions and now the city of Philly is going to turn Kevin Kolb into the new Donovan McNabb. I love that David Garrard got benched, only to come back in when his backup got injured, and now Jaguar fans are talking about Byron Leftwich again.

No matter how you slice it, football is fun and awesome. It is the greatest reality show on the planet, and this season is already turning into a great on.