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Should the Vikings Trade for Vincent Jackson?

Michael Silver from Yahoo! Sports wrote an interesting article today about why the Vikings should do everything in their power to trade for Vincent Jackson immediately. He makes a lot of valid points, his main one being that if you're going to bend over backwards for Brett Favre and push in all the chips for 2010 you can't leave Brett hanging with an injured Sidney Rice (out for at least half of the season) and Percy Harvin (who probably shouldn't be near a football field with his constant migraines).

What's mentioned in the article is that whatever team trades for Vincent Jackson will first want a long-term deal worked out to make sure that they're not giving up something valuable (like a high draft pick) for a rental that wouldn't even play 16 games for them. What isn't mentioned is that 2010 is also the last year of Sidney Rice's contract, and there's no team in the league that can really afford hanging out two deals for #1 WR money if they expect to keep any of their other star players.

Basically, if the Vikings were to get Jackson they would have to give up a high draft pick, give him a ton of money (Trusting that his off-the-field issues are behind him...remember the Vikings love boat scandal? They're still trying to get away from that) and probably say goodbye to Sidney Rice. That last part is especially important when considering long-term contracts, with Sidney Rice having a better 2009 season than VJax and being 3 years younger than him he would seem to be the safer long-term investment.

Granted, Silver's suggestion to Minnesota is to offer Jackson a one-year deal for $6 million dollars and figure out the long-term deal later on, but the problem will still be there during and after the 2010 season.

So, should the Vikings give up on their long-term plans and once again go "all in" on winning the Super Bowl in 2010 with Favre and Jackson? Every GM in the league would tell you that's the quickest way to get yourself fired, but a lot of owners around the league are willing to take the risk to get the Lombardi Trophy in the lobby of team headquarters. What do you think?