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Power Rankings From Around the Web: Week 2

Is it just me, or did this week go by much faster than many others?  Week 1 is in the books, and we're finding that some teams didn't live up to their pre-season hype, while others far exceeded their expectations.  In other words: it was a normal week 1 in the NFL.

Notable Quotes

Sports Illustrated
Nobody likes to dig themselves an early season hole quite like the Chargers, the team that can't stand prosperity. I have an editor (and you know who you are) who told me the Chiefs would be fired up and primed to upset San Diego in their Monday-night opener, and it happened just like he said. I guess he didn't inform the Chargers, because they looked quite surprised by the whole turn of events. (And if you're wondering why Kansas City isn't ranked ahead of San Diego this week, go get your own set of power rankings).

This is what happens when you lose a team that's won ten games in the last three years. The Chargers will rebound and they're still the favorites to win the AFC West.

Mike Florio (

The Chiefs gave Philip Rivers a much-needed "Code Red."

Enough blabbering, BRING ON THE CHARTS!

Subjective Average


  • A lot of knee-jerk reactions this week, while others are (wisely) waiting to see how the season plays out.  Others are putting a lot of stock in Week 1 performances.
  • Mike Florio over at PFT really does not like the Chargers, now does he?  AJ must have pissed in his Cheerios.
  • The Colts loss has really given a lot of pundits cause for concern.  They were dominated by the Texans.
  • I'm surprised not many people dropped the Packers more due to Ryan Grant's injury.

Subjective Standard Deviation


  • Your undisputed best team in the NFL: the New Orleans Saints.
  • Your undisputed worst team in the NFL: the Buffalo Bills.
  • A few pundits (*cough*ESPN*cough*) are already calling the Patriots as good as they were in 2007 when they went 16-0. I don't buy it, but there is consistency that they're the 4th-best team in the NFL.
  • The Chiefs and Jets are all over the place.  It's funny how many pundits buy into Rex Ryan's rhetoric.

Objective Average


  • The DVOA ratings are actually based on Football Outsiders' DAVE rankings, which is 10% Week 1 DVOA and 90% Preseason Projections.  So that accounts for the small sample size.
  • The Ravens and the Packers appear to be the cream of the crop in the AFC and NFC respectively.
  • I'm sure Football Outsiders are saying "we told you so" about the Chargers Special Teams. 

Objective Standard Deviation


  • Weird. It's unanimous: the Detroit Lions are the second-worst team in the entire NFL!
  • Ouch, so I guess we don't know about the Texans just yet.  Nor the Bears. Nor the Eagles. Interesting that it's Football Outsiders throwing the consistency way off there.
  • Guess the Chargers just aren't as good as we thought they would be (yet).

Overall Average


  • Now that we factor in the Objective and Subjective together, the Packers now just edge out the Ravens as the top team in the league, with the Saints coming in 3rd.
  • Subjectively, the Bills are the worst team in the NFL.  Overall though, it's still the Rams.  The Raiders aren't too far behind.
  • Chargers are in the middle of the pack now.

Overall Standard Deviation


  • Well la-di-da, the Patriots are the most consistently-ranked team across the board.  A solid 4.
  • The Rams, a consistent 30-31.  The Packers aren't far off of their 2nd-place ranking.
  • The Chargers? Way down there with the Cowboys, Bears and Texans as one of the more inconsistently-ranked teams.

Subjective vs Objective - Difference in Average


  • The Chargers appear to be the considered better than their objective stats would indicate.  The Cowboys are in the same boat.  I guess the pundits just aren't ready to give up on either our Chargers or the Cowboys.
  • The 49ers are apparently a huge disappointment already.
  • On the other end of the spectrum, the Dolphins are woefully under-performing based on the projections and stats.  The Panthers aren't far behind.  The Bills shouldn't be that bad either.