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Vincent Jackson's Suspension Reduced to Four Games

Vincent Jackson, the disgruntled Wide Receiver for the San Diego Chargers (for the time being), has reached a settlement with the NFL to have his current six-game suspension reduced to four games.

As you may recall, Jackson had been suspended for three games following his second DUI conviction.  An additional three-game suspension had been added on to that after he failed to sign his tender and report to the team before September 4th.  It was that second three-game suspension that Vincent Jackson had taken exception to, and was hoping to reach a settlement with the league.

Well, a settlement was reached and the second three-game suspension was reduced to one game, making Vincent Jackson eligible to play again beginning in Week 5.  There's just one caveat: the suspension is reduced only if he's traded to another team.

This greatly improves his value, both for Jackson's pocketbook and for the Chargers for what they'll get in trade compensation.

Hopefully the Chargers, Vincent Jackson and a prospective trade partner can reach an agreement quickly so we can just put this whole saga behind us.  Many speculators are still pointing to the Minnesota Vikings as a potential suitor, and reports are the St. Louis Rams have come back into the mix.  We'll see how this plays out.