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LS David Binn Placed on Injured Reserve, LS James Dearth Signed

As reported by Kevin Acee, long-snapper David Binn has been placed on Injured Reserve and will missed the remainder of the 2010 season with a hamstring injury.

This is a bigger deal than it may seem, or would be for other teams. David has recently been named a Special Teams captain (for the 1st time, I believe), is the longest-tenured Chargers player and might just be the greatest long-snapper in the history of that position.

Also, as you'll find if you do a Google search of him, he once dated Pamela Anderson (years ago too, when it was still a big deal). 

The team has signed veteran long-snapper James Dearth, most recently with the Washington Redskins, to take over Binn's duties on Special Teams.