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OT: Sunday Football is Back

I was going to write a synopsis of which games you should be paying attention to today, but I woke up sick with a cold (flu?) so instead you get something better. Take it away, j-man....

Here are my AFC West picks for the 2010 season:

San Diego 10-6

  • They still have Rivers and enough on offense to get the job done. 
  • I feel like the defense is okay, but I know some of you don't agree. 
  • This team could be greatly helped by having Vincent Jackson, but the Chargers will be judged on the matter by whether or not they can succeed (i.e. get to the Super Bowl) without him.
  • Ryan Mathews will replace LT just fine. I think 1,200 rushing yards for him is a good, reachable goal. 
  • I feel like the Chargers need Marcus McNeill, since he's 2nd most important person on the team as the protector of Philip Rivers.
  • I will be shocked if SD doesn't win the west. Unless the Broncos do, then I will be happy-shocked.


Oakland 8-8

  • They have a lot of talent and always seem to play tough.
  • Jason Campbell will not be as bad as JaMarcus Russell, but can they run the ball? It's pretty bad when your team's best RB is Michael Bennett (with Michael Bush and Darren McFadden recovering from injuries).
  • They always seem to play up to their opponent, I just don't know if they can score enough points to win more than half of their games.

Denver 7-9

  • Where do I start? There's almost too much to list and be disappointed in with this team.
  • Way too many mistakes/turnovers.
  • The Broncos can not stop the run.
  • Denver does a great job of staying in games, but they just don't know how to finish games.
  • I think this is a rebuilding year for this team, as they are too dependent on young/inexperienced players.
  • Keep your eyes out for WR Eric Decker, he could be very good.

Kansas City 6-10

  • You're probably thinking "Why 6 wins?" Well, it really comes down to their schedule. Not only do they get to play the NFC West, but because they finished last in the division last season they get to play the Buffalo Bills and the Cleveland Browns as well.
  • I see the Chiefs in a lot of close games, but I think Matt Cassel and their defensive front 7 are weak. That's going to make it hard for them to win those close ones.
  • Week 1 is huge for them. Win it and 8-9 wins are possible. Lose it and 4-6 wins seems more likely.

Thanks j-man. Always love when you stop by. Everyone, leave your reactions to j-man's predictions in the comments below and use this as the open thread for all of today's games.