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BFTB Fantasy Football: Two Spots Still Open

Last week I told you that there were four empty spots in the BFTB Fantasy League this year and gave you a shot at winning one of the spots. Silly me, I forgot that winners of the two leagues last season probably deserve to be in the league this year too. So those two guys (gman87 and BleedsBlueNgold) are in and now there are two spots left (one on team Good Guys, one with the Bad Guys).

So, start your engines yet again. Copying and pasting your comments from last week's post will probably get you disqualified. Humor will get you points, as will sucking up, but generally just be creative. If you want to start writing fantasy previews for Chargers players in the FanPosts, that would probably be a good way to grab my attention. Heck, that's how gman87 made it in last year.

If you'd rather not compete for this spot or against the BFTB staff/community, feel free to sign up for your own's Fantasy Football Commissioner League and get 50% off (and a free 14-day trial!) by clicking here. What you'll be getting is not just the best Fantasy Football system on the internet (Most awarded League Manager by the Fantasy Sports Trade Association), but weekly scouting reports, advice, live score-tracking and the ability to get all of your fantasy football questions answered by experts.


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